Registering Your Child in UMTSD

Kindergarten registration for the 2024-2025 school year is now open!

If you have a child(ren) already enrolled in Upper Moreland School District, they will automatically be enrolled into their next grade. This registration is for students who are new to the district. 

If you already have children in the district, you can sign in with your Home Access Center Information. 
If you are new to the district, you will need to create an account to complete the registration. 

NOTE:  If your student is attending a Non-public school and requires transportation, please use this form as well.


Email Debbie Daniels

Phone: 215-830-1514

2024-25 School Year

Kindergarten - Grade 12
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2023-24 School Year

Kindergarten - Grade 12
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Registration Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: When uploading documents they MUST be in PDF format (pictures of documents are not accepted)  

Required Documents for Registration include: 

  1. Current Lease/Settlement Agreement/Mortgage Statement /Deed

  2. Two (2) additional proofs of residency (ex. utility bills, vehicle registration, car insurance, paystub, tax statement, etc.)

  3. Proof of Birth (Birth Certificate, Passport, Baptismal Certificate)

  4. Immunization Records

Need help uploading your required documents?
SIGN UP to make an appointment to meet with the Registrar.

If a parent or legal guardian residing within the boundaries of the Upper Moreland School District is not the owner or lessee of the residence in which they live; a notarized Multiple Occupancy Form is required along with proof of ownership from the property owner or lessee. (*the multiple occupancy form can be notarized at the District at no charge) - In addition, the parent/guardian is required to provide two (2) proof of residency documents. 

Health Examination Requirements:

Dental and Physical Examinations must be completed within 1 year before the start of the school year. LEARN MORE

  • Dental examinations are required upon original entry into school (kindergarten) and in grades three and seven.

  • Physical examinations are required upon original entry (kindergarten), 6th grade, and 11th grade.

Not Required, but helpful for registration include the following: 

  • Parent Identification (Drivers License or state-issued ID)

  • Report Card/ Transcript 

  • IEP/ 504 (if applicable)

 * Important Change in Definition of “Compulsory School Age”
Effective in 2020-2021, all children from the age of six (6) through the age of eighteen (18) must comply with compulsory school attendance requirements. To meet these requirements, parents must ensure that their child between the ages of 6 and 18 is attending or participating in one of the following: a public elementary, middle, or high school; a public charter or cyber-charter school; a private licensed academic or private religious school; home tutoring by a certified teacher; or an approved program of homeschooling. Children may be excused from compulsory attendance for documented medical or other compelling reasons as outlined in District attendance policy and procedures.