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Important Message from the School Nurse

All Medical Forms are available at this link.


1. All 12th grade students should have had a second Meningococcal vaccine by the first day of 12th grade. The school nurse should have an updated copy of your immunizations to verify this on your school health    records. If you have not completed this requirement, please do so as soon as possible. (11th grade students, who have not handed in a physical, please be sure the immunizations sheet has MCV #1 and MCV #2 on your records).  
2. All 11th graders should have turned in a physical for 11th grade. This is a state of PA school requirement. Please be sure to turn the physical form directly in to the school nurse. 
All 11th grade physicals should include and updated immunization record showing MCV #2 date completed. This is due the first day of 12th grade.