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An Important Message from the Nurse

PA Health and Dental Requirements for 2017-2018.
6th grade physical exams- Mandated physicals are due now. If you have not turned in the required physical form for this school year, but have an appointment date set for a physical, please contact me with that date.  
7th Grade Immunizations-Mandated IMM/vaccines are now OVERDUE per the revised PA IMM requirements for 2017-2018. PA no longer extends a grace period.
All 7th graders must get their Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) and Meningitis vaccines. The dates of these required vaccines must be submitted to me now.
UMTSD Administration can exclude students from school in order to comply with the NEW PA standards.
7th Grade Dental Exams- Mandated dental exams are due. Please contact me the date of your child’s appointment if you have not turned in the required dental form.
Medication Policy-Over the counter medication can ONLY be dispensed to students if the medication form has been signed by BOTH physician and parent/guardian.
Any questions should be directed to the school nurse at 215-706-3793.