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District Chromebook Loaner Devices

Technology Replacement:  Loaner devices will be available for those devices that have failed.  Please fill out this form if your District provided device has failed.  Due to the limited amount of devices available as loaners, please fill out this form only if it is absolutely necessary to receive a loaner device.  

This includes:

- Any failure where the device does not boot up and there is no other computer to use in the household.
- Any component failure that renders the device unusable.  In the case of a failed trackpad, fill this form out only if you do not have an external USB mouse that can be connected to the Chromebook.
- Any safety concern involving the Chromebook or charger.
- Software or access issues can be routed through your Teacher and to the Technology Department to address those issues.  Please do not use this form for those issues.
You will be emailed with a location, date, and time slot to pick up a loaner.  The location will be at our Administration Building for all K-12 students.  We will be distributing replacement chrome books once per week, with times assigned as needed to ensure social distancing.  When you come to pick up your loaner chrome book, you will need to bring your (broken) chrome book and charger with you for drop off. 
Please contact Ian Carder ( with any questions about the form or process.