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Bus Swipe Card System to begin on November 11, 2019

Dear Community Member:
Over the past few weeks, the buses which transport our Middle School and High School students have been piloting a program that requires student riders to swipe their I.D. cards upon entering and leaving their bus. This system provides a number of benefits:
  • The schools now know with accuracy who has boarded a bus. Often, we receive phone calls from parents who do not know if their child rode the bus home. This will provide that information. Schools will be able to see in real time who has gotten on the bus, and the time and location that they left the bus;
  • Parents with the “Here Comes the Bus” app will be able to track when their student got on the bus and when and where they left the bus;
  • In the event of an emergency, we will have real-time electronic information which identifies who is on the bus at the time. We will be able to share this information with first responders, and will be able to more efficiently and directly connect with parents to provide updates to them; and
  • The District will more accurately be able to collect data on bus ridership, allowing us to more efficiently plan for future bus runs.
Students have been making use of this system for two weeks in a pilot format. Beginning on Monday, November 11, the system will go “live.”  Students and parents should be aware of the following as our new I.D. card system is activated:
  • Students who do not have their I.D. cards with them at the bus stop or when being transported home will still be transported to and from school, but will be reported to administration. Disciplinary procedures for repeated violations may be found in this year’s Code of Conduct documents (MS p. 34; HS p. 41);
  • Typically, the I.D. cards will allow a student to board their regularly assigned bus. However, any Middle School bus rider who takes the M.S. 4:15 “late” bus will be able to swipe their I.D. to gain access to this bus.
We hope that this new swipe card system will help our District and will help you as parents.
Robert J. Milrod
Superintendent of Schools