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Middle School Construction Information - Update #10


Work on the Middle School Construction continues in 2017 and will soon include outside work (weather permitting).  Exterior work will include trenching for drains, the interior fire sprinkler meter pit and the front sidewalk in addition to athletic field improvements. Interior demolition continues through the end of January on classrooms, computer lab and media studio which all adjoin the library.   Over the three-day Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, significant progress in demolition and completion of punch list items were made.  Auditorium and pool railings were 100% installed, bathroom floors were recoated and music wing demolition and material moving took place to minimize later disruptions to programs. The elevator to the spectator seating for the pool is nearing completion.    


Planning for beginning field improvements has begun in anticipation that final permit from the Montgomery County Conservation District will be received by the end of January.   Work is scheduled to commence on the soccer and tennis field on May 1st,  followed by the football field and track on May 28th.   


Questions regarding the project can be directed to the Business Manager at 215-830-1505.