• Volunteering


    Volunteer Contact:
    Nora Rosenbaum, Administrative Asst. to Facilities
    2900 Terwood Road
    Willow Grove, PA 19090
    fax 215-659-3421

    Anyone wishing to volunteer their time in the School District of Upper Moreland Township is now required to have a complete volunteer packet on file with the School District. This includes Home & School Association members; Booster Club volunteers; Music Patron volunteers; Coaches; Field Trip Chaperones; School event volunteers (Prom/Post Prom, Canada Trip, Dorney Park, 8th Grade Dance/Picnic, etc.). 
    • Upper Moreland Township School District Students under 19 years of age do not need clearances.
    • Contractors and/or those being paid by the School District should contact the Business Office for individual contracts, required clearances and tax forms.