• If you find that when you click on a link and nothing happens, your pop up blocker may be turned on. When visiting unfamiliar web pages, it is precautionary to block these pop-up windows as they could be used to display annoying ads or possibly impose a security risk. However, some files on the Upper Moreland School District website contain pop-up windows and they should be added as "trusted" sites.
    To make www.umtsd.org a "trusted" site, go to the IE menu bar and select the Tools menu. Select the Pop-up Blocker option. Make sure it is turned on. Once it is on, select the Pop-up Blocker Settings option. If you do not have the pop-up blocker on, you will not be able to click this option. A new window titled Pop-up Blocker Settings will open.  In this window, type in the web address of the page you wish to allow pop-ups. To set the UM Web Mail to allow pop-ups, type
    https://www.umtsd.org in the Address of Web site to allow box and click the Add button.