Activity Fee Information and Fee List

    The families of all students who participate in co-curricular sports or marching band activities will be required to contribute an activity fee. This fee will provide support for the funding of activity equipment, uniforms, and transportation.

    Season-based fees will be required for participation in co-curricular activities as follows:

    High School Activities

     $150 level

    Marching Band, Indoor Percussion

    $125 level

    Football, Swimming (Boy/Girl)

    $100 level

    Cheerleading, Indoor Guard, Golf

    $75 level

    Baseball, Basketball (Boy/Girl), Bowling, Cross Country (Boy/Girl), Field Hockey, Lacrosse (Boy/Girl), Soccer (Boy/Girl), Softball, Tennis (Boy/Girl), Winter Track (Boy/Girl), Track (Boy/Girl), Wrestling

    Middle School Activities

    $50 level

    Football, Wrestling

    $25 level

    Baseball, Basketball (Boy/Girl), Cheerleading, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Marching Unit, Soccer (Boy/Girl), Softball, Tennis (Boy/Girl), Track (Boy/Girl)

    • The Activity Fee Payment must be handed in before a student may participate in the selected activity;
    • Reduced Fee or Waiver Requested (Parents who are requesting a reduction or waiver of the fee, must complete the Parent Waiver Form for Food Services located on the school district website with other athletic forms.) Please complete this form and all requested information for fall activity participation;
    • Students who are cut from a team or activity will have their fees reimbursed;
    • Students who suffer a season ending injury prior to the mid-point of the season will have their fee reimbursed;
    • Students who move from the District will have their fee reimbursed on a pro-rated basis;
    • Students who quit or who are removed from a team or activity for disciplinary reasons will not receive a reimbursement of the activity fee;
    • A District and Community Committee will meet regularly to determine how best to allocate funds which have been generated by the Activity Fee;
    • This fee will be in addition to funds already allocated for co-curricular activities, and will not reduce the budgeted monies available for such activities. These funds will be treated as “value-added” to ensure that activities have their equipment, uniforms, and transportation needs met.