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    Note: For accurate measurement, please wait until mid-summer to measure before ordering
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    Miss Erica Bruner                ebruner@umtsd.org         215-325-1700 ext. 6089
    Ms. Laurie Brann                 Lbrann@umtsd.org 
             215-325-1700 ext. 6088
    Lesson Scheduling
    ½ Hour lesson scheduled once per week.
    - Lessons are scheduled during the school day and all students will be expected to
      make-up missed school work.

    Large Group Ensembles:

    • Beginner Band (SYMPHONIC BAND) & Beginner String Ensemble rehearse before school. 
          These groups tentatively start rehearsing in January of each year.
    • Band and String Ensemble are optional.
           Performing groups in which participation is highly encouraged once required skills have been achieved. 
    Obtaining an Instrument
    • Lease through a local music dealer 
    • Borrow/Acquire via friend/relative/acquaintance
      • Have it checked by an authorized musical instrument dealer to confirm the instrument is in proper playing condition prior to the first lesson.
    • Already Have An Instrument?
      • Make sure it is in playable condition
            Be aware of plastic or colored instruments via Ebay, Amazon, Sams Club, Target, etc.
           (i.e.- bluegreenpurplesalmonred...) 
    Music and Arts Center (District Recommended) Go online or visit the store!
      490 Easton Road
      Horsham, PA 19040  
      Phone: 215-443-7880
      Mr. Tom Gajkowski is our Sales Representative
    Please Note:

    Music & Arts Center is a local vendor located in Horsham, PA. It is not required to use this vendor. It is for guaranteed instrument quality, repair and overall consumer convenience purpose that we provide lease information for this particular vendor. Deluca Music, in Hatboro, provides a comparable lease program as well.


    Required Materials

    • Must provide required Lesson Book:
      • Brass /Woodwinds & Mallets (Bell Kit) - Tradition of Excellence Book 1 
      • Percussion (Drums) - Breeze Easy Book 1
      • Strings - String Basics Book 1
    • Reeds (Clarinets & Saxophones Only)
      • Rico Size 2 (orange box) *from reputable music store only (beware of off-brands)
    • Music Stand (Not required buy highly recommended)
    Note To ALL String Students
    • All String students need to be measured for appropriate instrument size.
      • If your child is playing the cello, go directly to Music & Arts Center to be measured.
      • If your child is playing the violin or viola, please refer to the chart below for measurement sizes.
      • If you are still unsure, go directly to Music & Arts Center to be measured.
    Instrument Responsibility
    School is not a safe place to leave instruments overnight. Please do not leave instruments in school overnight.
    Transportation Alert:
    State Law prohibits large instruments: Baritone Horn, Percussion  (Snare Drums), Mallets (Bell Kit), and Cellos on school buses. Instruments that can safely rest on a student’s lap will be permitted. Be aware that parents/guardians will be responsible for the transportation of larger instruments. In most instances, with the exception of drums, U.M.I.S. can accommodate transportation conflicts by providing a “back-up” instrument for in-school use. It will be the parent/guardian’s responsibility to transport drums (Percussion Learning Kit) to and from school on lesson days. In extenuating circumstances, special arrangements can be made for drum pick-up/drop-off. Parents/Guardians are advised to take this information into consideration in the instrument selection process.
    Dates To Be Aware Of:

    Tuesday, May 31st - Online Enrollment Begins - Click on "Instrumental Music Enrollment Form" 

    Friday, June 3rd - School Loaner Requests due by 9am.

    Monday, June 6th - School loaner confirmation notices emailed

    Monday, August 15th - Music & Arts Center's deadline for Fall Rental Instrument Delivery (Please select FALL delivery)

    Monday, August 22nd - Open Enrollment Ends


    Violin and Viola Measurement Guidelines:
    Have child fully extend left arm palm of hand face up. Measure, using tape measure or yard stick, from side of neck to middle of palm. Use measurements below to fins the appropriate instrument size.

    Violin Sizes

    18 ½  inches -  20 3/8 inches

    ¼ Size

    20 3/8 inches -  22 ¼  inches

    ½ Size

    22 ¼  inches -  23 5/8 inches

    ¾ Size

    Over 23 5/8 inches

    4/4 or Full Size

    Viola Sizes

    21 ¾  inches - 23 1/4 inches

    Jr. Viola (12” or 13”)

    23 ¼  inches - 24 7/8 inches   

    Intermediate (13" or 14")

    24 7/8 inches - 25 5/8 inches 

    15 inch Viola

    25 7/8 inches - 26 3/8 inches 

    15 ½ inch Viola

    26 3/8 inches - 27 1/8 inches 

    16 inch Viola

    Over 27 1/4 inches 

    16 inch or Larger