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The Upper Moreland Elementary Music Department is pleased to offer your child with a wonderful opportunity to discover the joys of playing a musical instrument. Studies have shown that students who play instruments beginning in elementary school and continuing into high school score higher on standardized tests, have better thinking abilities and understand mathematics, science and geometry better than those who don’t study music. Above all, your child will be given the opportunity to experience a lifetime of fulfillment through musical expression.
The Instrumental Music Program offers beginning group lessons on band or string instruments for 4th and 5th graders. Lessons are scheduled for 30-minutes and are given to small groups of the same or similar instruments once per week. These lessons often mark the beginning of a lifetime of studying and playing a musical instrument. If you and your child are willing to make the commitment necessary to succeed, it’s an investment that you will not regret.
Music is an integral part of a complete education. It engages students in individual and group activity; develops creativity, problem solving skills, critical thinking, and evaluative skills. Music integrates understanding from multiple disciplines and leads to an improved self-concept, a broader cultural awareness, and a development of life-long skills. Music develops the total person and evokes the very essence of humanity. Through performance-based music instruction, students discover and develop their potential through varied, sequential musical experiences in listening, performing, and creating. The program’s primary goal is to foster and promote an appreciation and understanding of music.  Best current practices and techniques are regularly researched and updated enabling students to develop the proper skills needed for musical achievement.
Please read the following information so that you and your child will be able to make the most of this exciting musical opportunity. This information is provided to you as an overview of the program so that you and your child may make informed decisions about participating in the program.

If you need further information or have any questions please feel free to contact us via email, written note, or phone. From all of the music teachers in Upper Moreland, thank you for supporting your child’s interest in learning to play a musical instrument.



Mrs. Kimberly Pezzi-Burns    kpezziburns@umtsd.org    215-325-1700 ext. 6089

Ms. Laurie Brann                   Lbrann@umtsd.org            215-325-1700 ext. 6088


Lesson Scheduling

½ Hour lesson scheduled once per week.
- Lessons are scheduled during the school day and all students will be expected to make-up missed school work.

- Beginners Band (SYMPHONIC BAND) & Beginners String Ensemble (PURPLE STRINGS) rehearses one morning before school per week and will
  tentatively start in January.  Band and Orchestra are optional activities but are highly recommended.


Obtaining an Instrument

Via a relative or friend

              Have it checked to see if playing condition before the first lesson.


Lease through a local music dealer


              Be aware of plastic or colored instruments (i.e.- blue, green, purple, salmon, red...)


     Music and Arts Center (District Recommended) Go go on-line or visit the store!
              490 Easton Road
Horsham, PA 19044
  Tom Gajkowski is our Sales Representative

Already Have An Instrument

- Make sure it is in playable condition
- Must provide required lesson book:

        Band Expressions……………….…….Winds  Book 1 (Brass & Woodwinds)

  BREEZE EASY……………….......…...Drums Book 1
  Orchestra Expressions……................Strings Book 1

Special Note To ALL String Students

All String students need to be measured for appropriate instrument size.


If your child is playing the cello, go directly to Music & Arts Center to be measured.


If your child is playing the violin or viola, please refer to the chart below for measurement sizes. If you are still unsure, go directly to Music & Arts Center to be measured.



Notify via email (dropping or switching) for scheduling purposes.

For those students not sure why they selected the instrument they did, or is not totally attached to their selection, we are in deep need of Trumpet, Trombone, and Clarinet players.  We also need cellists. Any person who signed up for Drums (very large response) would consider switching; it would help the balance of our performing ensembles.  Currently, we have many, many drummers. Potential students interested in helping make our band and orchestra sound the best; notify us in writing or person by this Friday.  We are willing to allow individuals to try-out a trumpet, trombone, clarinets or cello before they decide switching.  The switch would be greatly appreciated. If a child is not sure of instrument choice, stop by instrumental music room for guidance. Students should get permission from their classroom teacher before stopping by.


School is not a safe place to leave instruments overnight. Please do not leave instruments in school overnight.

Transportation Alert:
State Law prohibits large instruments: Baritone Horn, Percussion Learning Kits (Drums), and Cellos on school buses. Instruments that can safely rest on a student’s lap will be permitted. Be aware that parents/guardians will be responsible for the transportation of larger instruments. In most instances, with the exception of drums, U.M.I.S. can accommodate transportation conflicts by providing a “back-up” instrument for in-school use. It will be the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to transport drums ("PLK") to and from school on lesson days. In extenuating circumstances, special arrangements can be made for drum pick-up/drop-off. Parents/Guardians are advised to take this information into consideration in the instrument selection process.



Monday..............6/6........School loaner requests due by 9:00 AM  via:

                                                 - Email (Preferable Method)                                             

                                                 - Written notice (acceptable for extenuating circumstances ONLY).

                                                 * Requests should be received NO LATER THAN 9:00 AM.


Wednesday........6/8........School loaner confirmation notices Emailed 

           Friday.................8/12........Lease contracts due in to Music & Arts Center by noon*
                                                     * This can be done and is highly recommended to do so online at:
                                             Click on rentals and find our school.
                                             Drummers should order the "PLK" (Percussion Learning Kit)
                                            Those selecting Violin or Viola should scroll down to the bottom of this page 
                                             for measurement guidelines


Thursday...........9/1........Online Open Enrollment Closes *


Friday................9/9........1st Year Lessons Schedules Distributed

                                                                        Music & Arts Center Leased Instrument Delivery * 

                                                * No instruments will be distributed before the 1st scheduled lesson.


Monday.............9/12......1st Year Lessons Begin! *

             * Should Have all required materials:
                 Instrument and Lesson Book (If not ordered), 3 Ring Binder, and Pencil.





In effort to "Go Green" we will post announcements and needed paperwork (i.e.- rehearsal calendars, weekly announcements/updates) on our UMIS "Music Bulletin Board" Web-page. You can copy and paste the above provided direct link. So you can stay best informed, we urge you to book mark this page and check it on a weekly basis (Fridays or Sundays are best) We will update the bulletin board on Fridays and occasionally on Sunday evenings. You will be able to check the bulletin board for rehearsal cancellations in the event of inclement weather. By keeping in touch with the "Music Bulletin Board," the need for our onslaught of emails will be greatly reduced.


In closing, we are excited that your child has taken interest in learning a musical instrument and we hope that he/she will choose to experience the joys that music has to offer. We look forward to teaching your child and creating musical memories that will last a lifetime!
Violin and Viola Measurement Guidelines: Have child fully extend left arm palm of hand face up. Measure, using tape measure or yard stick, from side of neck to middle of palm. Use measurements below to fins the appropriate instrument size.

Violin Sizes

18 ½  inches -  20 3/8 inches

¼ Size

20 3/8 inches -  22 ¼  inches

½ Size

22 ¼  inches -  23 5/8 inches

¾ Size

Over 23 5/8 inches

4/4 or Full Size

Viola Sizes

21 ¾  inches - 23 ¼ inches

Jr. Viola (12” or 13”)

23 ¼  inches - 24 7/8inches   

Intermediate (13" or 14")

24 7/8inches - 25 5/8inches 

15 inch Viola

25 7/8inches - 26 3/8inches 

15 ½ inch Viola

26 3/8 inches - 27 1/8 inches 

16 inch Viola

Over 27 ¼ inches   

16 inch or Larger