Hall of Fame
The Upper Moreland High School Alumni Hall of Fame was created to acknowledge the achievements of our most remarkable graduates.  Established in 1996, the Alumni Association continues with the tradition of honoring our  alumni accomplishments.

 Criteria for selecting nominees are as follows:
  1.  Nominations are considered every two years.  All previous nominees will             automatically be reconsidered.  If you have submitted someone after 1999, it is       not necessary to nominate them again.
  2.  Selections will by made by the Alumni Association Nominating  Committee       consisting of Administrators from Upper Moreland High School, District    Administrators, and Alumni  Association members.
  3.  Selections are based on the following:
     a. Inductees must have graduated from Upper Moreland High School at least
         ten years ago.
     b. Inductees must have demonstrated excellence in their chosen profession.
     c. And/or demonstrated commitment to the community.
  To submit a nominee, please complete the attached form regarding your                nominee.  We must rely on you to provide the necessary details.  If the                   information below is not complete, or details are not attached, the nomination       will not be considered. 
 Submit nominations to:  UMHS Alumni Association
 Attention Nora Rosenbaum
2900 Terwood Road
Willow Grove, PA  19090
Hall of Fame Nomination Form
Last Modified on August 12, 2015