• Alumni Scholarship Recipients

    The UMHS Alumni Association Scholarship is awarded to a one boy and one girl in each graduating class to pursue further educational endeavors. All proceeds from Alumni Association activities go toward the scholarship fund for UMHS seniors. Please give to the Scholarship Fund now for next years’ recipients.

    Past Recipients

    2018 - Dylan Montgomery Ford and Katie Elizabeth Harkins
    2017 - Alec M. DeLaurentis and Cara Olivia Landers
    2016 - Alhaji Lamin M. Foray Jr. and Donna Hoang  
    2015 - Maya S. Calderwod and Mattieu Claude 
    2014 - Gabrielle Sawick and James Farrell Jr. 
    2013 -  Rebecca L. Lamb and Matthew T. Barrett
    2012 - Sarah E. Bolich and Kyle W. Walder
    2011 - Camille R. Smalls and Ivan Sokirniy
    2010 - Carly Grivjack and Nathan B. Kistner
    2009 - Kristen Robinson and Seth Fineman
    2008 - Lindsay B. Moore and Nicholas C.Foerst
    2007 - Stephanie B. Lax and Alexis Dinerstein
    2006 - Karen M. Jessup and Andrew R. Gripp
    2005 - Amanda M. Knapp and Adrian S. Yi
    2004 - Morgan K. Fancher and Nathan R. George
    2003 - Serena D. Koelle and Jonahan P. Bietz
    2002 - Christine M. Welker and Donald W. Mosteller
    2001 - Megan E. Mintzer and Jonathan K. Lindstrom
    2000 - Linda Echeverria and Timothy Bentley
    1999 - Kristin E. Pontoski and Adam R. Kurland
    1998 - Holly C. Donahue and Joshua I. Brodsky
    1997 - Deborah L. Frank and Justin M. Ronca
    1996 - Dina L. Biddington and Christina M. DiMauro
    1995 - Kate S. LaBarr and Zachary M. Oleksiuk
    1994 - Andrea L. Knoechel and Daniel P. Deming

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    2900 Terwood Road
    Willow Grove, PA 19090
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