• UM World Languages

    World Languages Mission Statement 

    Our mission in the Upper Moreland School District is to create a community of life-long learners who will develop the linguistic skills and cultural understanding to communicate successfully and function in all aspects of a multi-lingual and multi-cultural global society.

    Upper Moreland School District is the proud home of a long-standing World Language Department, offering courses in French, German, and Spanish. Over the years, the department has been repeatedly recognized  by the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association (PSMLA) as an Exemplary Program and recipient of the Golden Globe Award. Within our high quality programs, students have had the opportunity to acquire new language skills and to engage in special events, clubs, field trips, and travel. Students begin their language studies at the elementary level and have the opportunity to continue their language learning throughout their entire Upper Moreland educational experience. Additionally, all students at our high school are required to complete two years of a world language in order to graduate.

    Included below is an overview of our world language offerings within our schools:

    Elementary Center

    Grades K-5: students are enrolled in yearly Spanish classes as part of their Unified Arts curriculum.

    Middle School

    Grade 6: Students complete a Language Exploration course. This course introduces students to French, German and Spanish while reinforcing the major aspects of language learning and culture. At the conclusion of this course, students will select a language (French, German, or Spanish) for continued study.

    Grade 7: Students formally begin Level 1A in their selected language. At this level, their language class is a full-year course within their academic schedule.

    Grade 8: Students continue with Level 1B of their chosen language. At this level, their language class continues to be a full year course within their academic schedule. Students who successfully complete Level 1 at the middle school level have the opportunity to move on to Level 2 in high school.

    High School

    Grades 9-12: Students are encouraged to continue with their chosen language and are required to successfully complete two years of language studies in order to graduate from our high school.  Levels 1 - AP are offered in all languages (French, German, and Spanish). The program also offers a Spanish for Heritage Learners course. Additionally, students have the opportunity to pursue more than one language.