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    Title I Program at Upper Moreland School District

    What is Title I?

    Title I is a federally funded program created to provide children with supplemental educational assistance in the Upper Moreland Elementary School. Supplemental Reading Intervention and Supplemental Math Intervention are provided in a small group setting to improve student achievement. Highly qualified teachers provide intensive instruction daily, using a research-based intervention program to strengthen reading and math skills.

    Student Identification Process

    The school district must establish multiple, educationally related, objective criteria to determine eligibility. Selection criteria may be based on several of the following assessments:


    • STAR Reading
    • DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment)
    • PSSA (Pennsylvania State System of Assessment)
    • District's reading assessments
    • Teacher Recommendations


    • STAR Math
    • PSSA (Pennsylvania State System of Assessment)
    • District Math Assessments
    • Teacher Recommendation
    Home and School Partnerships
    • Home-School Compact
      The Home-School Compact details an agreement between the teacher, student and parents/caregivers describing the roles and responsibilities of each person. The Home-School Compact is sent each year that the student qualifies for the Title I program.
    • Title I School Parent and Family Engagement Plan
      The School District of Upper Moreland invites families to become actively involved in the Title I program. The plan was jointly developed between faculty, administrators, and families and is reviewed and revised annually.

    The District shall:
    • maintain an active District-wide Parent Advisory Council for Title I.
    • inform parents of their child's eligibility for Title I services.
    • conduct an annual Open House to inform parents of the Title I programs.
    • conduct informative family meetings and workshops.
    • conduct parent/teacher conferences sharing assessment results.
    • conduct a family needs assessment survey.
    Title I Staff
    • Dina Cassidy, Director of Education/Federal Programs Coordinator
    • Christine Flaherty, Reading Specialist
    • Jessica Kilcollum, Reading Specialist
    • Joseph Greim, Math Teacher