• Science

    K-12 Science Mission Statement

    Our mission in the School District of Upper Moreland Township is to create a community of learners able to appreciate the beauty and wonder of science and engage in the scientific process around them.  All students will be able to think critically to understand the world in which they live; to become effective consumers and users of information and technology.  In their future career choices, students will be flexible learners of science and engineering as they continue to expand their experiences and knowledge during their lifetimes.


    The goal of the Upper Moreland Township School District K-12 science program is to develop students to be observers, information-seekers and problem-solvers who are equipped to cope in an increasingly complex scientific world.  Students are actively engaged in thinking processes which include: observation, communication, comparison, organization, relationships, inferences, and application.  The program has been designed to interest and challenge all students, whether they will apply science literacy to everyday life as members of society or will enter the science profession as active participants.