• Congratulations to the following seventh and eighth grade students who competed at the FIRST Lego League Mid-Atlantic Region competition on March 13 as team members on:
    Team 24446 Innovation Association
    Team 24447 Electric Biker Gang:

    Zen Ang, Levi Brennan, Taryn Carson, Aubrey Daniel, Erin Distel, Andrew Ellis, Christian Feil,
    Michael Gorrell, 
    Ella Gould, Thomas Haring, Nicholas Ley, Jarlath McPeak, Josephine O’Connor, Dylan Purvis, Owen Richards,

    and Dennis Vogel

    At the March 17 Mid-Atlantic Region Awards Ceremony, Team 24447 Electric Biker Gang was named the
    Innovation Project Award Winner which elevates their team to go on and compete at the PA-East
    Championship Tournament on April 3.

    Team 24446 Innovation Association as well as Team 24447 Electric Biker Gang both earned the prestigious Global Innovation
    Regional Nomination which elevates their Innovation Projects to go on and and compete at the PA-East Championship Tournament.

    We are proud of all these students and their achievements at the FIRST Lego League regional competition!