• Dear Upper Moreland Families:

    We are excited to begin our next phase of in-person learning with five (5) day a week face-to-face instruction beginning March 29, 2021.  In preparation for next week,  I wanted to share with you information about how decisions around classroom, grade level, or school closures have been and will continue to be addressed:

    1. Both laboratory confirmed positive and household close contact presumed positive cases among those who are physically in UMTSD buildings are calculated into the COVID-19 Dashboard.
    2. The rolling fourteen (14) day counts are maintained on the COVID-19 Dashboard, and cases are removed once they have reached the 14 day marker OR a laboratory test confirms that a household close contact presumed positive case is negative.
    3. When the dashboard reaches the RED ZONE for a building, the District COVID-19 Response team will consult with the Montgomery County Office of Public Health to determine any actions that need to be taken.
    4.  An eCommunicator will be sent to that particular building that has reached the RED ZONE to indicate the recommended action made in consultation with the Montgomery County Office of Public Health.

    In order to provide context for these decisions, please be aware of the following:

    1. Even though a school  may be in the RED ZONE with a number of cases, it may not be necessary to close for the number of recommended days.   Those recommendations that appear on the THRESHOLDS BY BUILDING CHART were put in place to ensure that contact tracing and sanitation are completed and that no linked transmission is identified.
    2. Because we fall under the jurisdiction of the Montgomery County Office of Public Health, the District is permitted to work with them in determining the level and degree of closures rather than the Pennsylvania Department of Health recommended closures and thresholds.
    3. As we move forward and in consultation with the Montgomery County Office of Public Health, classrooms, grade levels or an entire school may be advised to transition to all virtual/remote learning for a determined period of time in which contact tracing can be completed, facility/space sanitation reinforced, or linked transmission identified/mitigated.   

    As always, our ultimate goal is two-fold:  To ensure actions to protect our students and staff from the spread of COVID-19 and to maximize face-to-face instruction according to our Health and Safety Plan.   To assist with these efforts, as families you can continue to:

    1. Monitor your own health and the health of your children for symptoms.  If you or your children are experiencing symptoms, please keep your children home until you make a decision about pursuing COVID-19 testing.
    2. Report cases of COVID-19 to your building’s principal and nurse.
    3. Continue to follow masking and sanitation practices not only at school, but also in the community including at youth associated sporting events and activities.

    Thank you for your continued support and collaboration as the Upper Moreland Township School District works to provide learning opportunities for all our students.


    The UMTSD Administrative Team