emailThe email addresses for Upper Moreland School Board members are being made available as a supplemental communications tool. Although this tool is intended to serve primarily as a method for receiving information from residents, individual Board members may choose to respond to messages on a "case by case" basis. If you want your message to reach all Board members, including the Superintendent and Business Manager, simply use the email address.
As most readers are probably aware, it is legally required that those decisions for which the Board has authority can only be made at their designated public meetings.
We trust that you will find this tool to be an additional helpful manner of sharing your point of view on matters where the Board is expected to render a decision.

Lisa Berlin, President
Brian Davis, Vice President
Albert DerMovsesian, Asst. Secretary
David Hakes, Ph.D., Treasurer
Karen Houck
Stacey Liesner
Philip Schwarz

Robert Milrod, Superintendent of Schools
All Board Members, collectively
(includes Superintendent and Business Manager)
Last Modified on May 24, 2017