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    July 13, 2020

    Dear Upper Moreland Families:

    As we prepare for a return to school on August 31, 2020, we are interested in hearing more from our families regarding whether they want their children to attend school in our school buildings or whether they will opt for a remote learning option from home.  To learn more about this, we have developed a survey that we are asking families to complete.  A copy of this survey will need to be filled out separately for each child in your home.  The survey will be accessible to parents from today (July 13) until July 24.

    Before you complete the survey, we are providing two documents so that you can better understand the work that we have been doing this summer to prepare for a return to school.  These documents are:

     A DRAFT School District Health and Safety Plan, which has been developed by administrators, School Board members, teachers, and support staff members.  This Plan is built on a template that has been provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  It summarizes the steps that we have been taking and will continue to take to maximize a safe environment for our students and staff.  It is important to emphasize that this document is a DRAFT identifying our status as of 7/13/2020.  As conditions change or legal requirements change, this DRAFT will be updated.  The Board of School Directors will need to approve a final form of the School District Health and Safety Plan at the end of August, likely on August 25.  Until then, this plan will continue to be updated;

    The second document is an overview regarding the remote learning option that is being developed for the Fall.  Families who wish to have their children remain home in the Fall will be able to select this option.  Please note that in most cases if the remote learning option is chosen, this will be “locked in” for students for a minimum of the first marking period (grades 6-12) or for a minimum of the first trimester (grades K-5).

    Although families are being asked to take this survey now, this is not an absolute commitment for what your child or children will do in the Fall.  However, your responses will provide us with a strong indication of what you are thinking about for your child or children in the Fall, so that we can continue with our planning.  You will need to commit to your actual choice for the Fall during the month of August, as we get closer to the beginning of school.

    Many people will look at the two choices (a return to school vs. remote learning) and feel that they want a third option, which would be some type of split sessions or alternating days or weeks sessions for their child or children. Please note that as of today, this is not allowable to do for schools in Pennsylvania.  Our School District does not control this; Pennsylvania Government does.  If this does change, our Health and Safety Plan may be modified to reflect this, and additional choices may be added in a future survey.

    You can access the DRAFT School District Health and Safety Plan here:

    You can access the Remote Learning Option overview document here:

    You can access the Return to School Community Survey here:

    Thank you for your time and attention to this information during a hot July.  The information that you provide us with now will be of significant help as we head into Fall.



    Robert J. Milrod
    Superintendent of Schools

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