• The Upper Moreland School Board
    The Upper Moreland School Board is a nine member political body elected by the residents of the Upper Moreland School District.
    The Superintendent, Chief Financial Officer and district solicitor also sit on the Board,
    but are non-voting members.
    The School Board meets regularly on the first four Tuesdays of each month in the TLCII at the Intermediate School,
    3990 Orangemans Road, Hatboro, PA 19040.
    Public comment is welcome at all meetings.
    Please refer to the Board Calendar for exact meeting dates.
    Residents of the Upper Moreland community who wish to access audio or video recordings from specific Committee or Board Action Meetings should contact the Office of the Superintendent of Schools at either rmilrod@umtsd.org or dhurt@umtsd.org.
     2020 School Board
    2020 UMTSD School Board
    Bottom row (l-r): Dr. Robert Milrod, Superintendent of Schools, Albert DerMovsesian, Vice-President, Paul Tkacs, Board President, Jennifer Solot, Treasurer, Matthew Lentz, Chief Financial Officer/Board Secretary
    Top row (l-r): Sharon Montanye, District Solicitor, Rose Huber, Greg D'Elia,
    Loucrecie Garlanger, Cherie Kuech (Assistant Secretary), Jeffrey Greb, April Stainback
    Board Member Title Term Expires Email Contact
    Greg D'Elia Member 12/2023 gdelia@umtsd.org
    Albert DerMovsesian Vice-President 12/2021 adermovsesian@umtsd.org
    Loucrecie Garlanger Member 12/2023 lgarlanger@umtsd.org
    Jeffrey Greb Member 12/2023 jgreb@umtsd.org
    Rose A. Huber Member 12/2023 rhuber@umtsd.org
    Cherie Kuech Asst. Secretary 12/2023 cheriekuech@umtsd.org
    Jennifer Solot Treasurer 12/2021 jsolot@umtsd.org
    April Stainback Member 12/2023 astainback@umtsd.org
    Paul Tkacs President 12/2021 ptkacs@umtsd.org
    Robert J. Milrod, Ph.D. Superintendent  
    Madison Zachwieja  Student Representative