• English Language Development

    It is our goal to ensure that each English Learner (EL) in our schools develops linguistically, academically and cognitively within a socially and culturally supportive environment. The Upper Moreland Township School District English Language Program (ELD) provides that identified students whose dominant language is not English will be afforded an appropriate planned program of instruction.

    Our English Language Development (ELD) program teaches listening, speaking, reading and writing through content. The goal of our program is to increase the English language proficiency of English Learners so they can attain the academic standards. The ELD program is supported by research-based strategies, curriculum resources and by appropriately certified staff.

    We use a pull-out model, focusing on the development of academic language and skills. Some language instruction occurs in the general education classroom. The total amount of EL instruction varies by student, based on individual needs.

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