Safe Schools at Upper Moreland School District

  • Upper Moreland’s School Safety initiatives focus on community, respect, and a positive school climate. Through learning about our students and establishing positive relationships with each and every one of them, we create a school community that fosters acceptance, inclusion, and an environment conducive to not only learning but thriving in their academic and social emotional growth. 

    At Upper Moreland, School Safety is everyone’s job. Our dedicated staff ensure that the students find their environment supportive of not only their unique differences, but what brings them together as a student body and representatives of our community.

    Recent Initiatives:

    Building and Facility Safety

    Student and Staff Identification: All individuals on premises will be issued an ID or a visitor pass.

    Community relations with local fire and PD

    UMSD has and will continue to collaborate regularly on school safety matters with our local first responders

    Keeping our Eyes and Ears on Students Behavioral Health

    Relationships equals Prevention: Upper Moreland Staff strive day in and day out to establish relationships with our students. Our intention is to foster open communication with students and ensure access and effective connection to the resources they need. 

    Staff and Student Training and Enrichment

    Staff are supported with regular training on anticipating student needs and how to refer students they have any concerns around for support with academic performance, social emotional support, and attendance matters.

    Students are referred to learning interventions and enrichment services year-round to support them academically.

    Support from local community resources 

    Upper Moreland is supported with timely and responsive community providers ready and able to help our students when their needs arise such as Access Services, Central Behavioral Health, and Aldersgate. 

    Prevention Efforts

    Vaping Prevention

    Threat Assessment Trainings and Teams

    Bullying Prevention

    School Safety Committees

    Safe 2 Say Something Hotline

    Bi-Monthly safety drills for all schools

    Student Assistance Referrals

    Navigate 360

    Restorative Sanctions

    Home Visits