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    Primary School Building Goals

    Goal 1: To continue to provide leadership in the development and implementation of Upper Moreland School District Safe Schools’ processes.

    Goal 2: To implement the newly adopted literacy resources.

    Goal 3: To implement the newly adopted social studies resources.

    Goal 4: To continue to strengthen our constructivist approach to mathematics with a focus on math practices.

    Goal 5: To continue to implement the Responsive Classroom approach emphasizing social, emotional and academic growth to build competencies across grades K-2.

    Goal 6: To continue to work with the Office of Teaching, Learning and Assessment to guide the Framework process of Continuous Improvement at the building level for:  K-5 Literacy, K-5 Social Studies, K-8 Business, Computer, and Integrated Technology and Physical Education (Phase 3a); K-5 Health and K-5 Mathematics (Phase 3b); K-5 Science, Library, Music (Phase 4); and Art (Phase 5).

    Building Study Group Focus: 
    K-2 Literacy Resource Implementation, K-2 Social Studies Implementation, K-2 Study of Best Practices in Mathematics, K-5 Teaching to All


    Primary School Administration

    Mrs. Smith Dr. Djang
    Primary School
    Mrs. Susan Smith

    Primary Center
    Assistant Principal 
     Dr. Leslie Djang

    L Geiselhardt  

    Elementary Center
    Management Assistant
    Mrs. Lou Ann Geiselhardt