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    Middle School Building Goals

    Goal 1: To increase student achievement in both math and ELA on the PSSA across all middle school grades by at least 3 percent.
    Goal 2: To review and continue the “Schools to Watch” school recognition process.
    Goal 3: To continue to implement technology tools in all content areas.
    Goal 4: Working with the Central Offices, guide the Framework Process for Continuous Improvement at the building level for : 6-8 Social Studies (Phase 2); 6-8 Science (Phase 3a); 6-8 Literacy (Phase 3b); 6-8 Library (Phase 3b); 6-8 Technology Education (Phase 3b); 6-8 Family and Consumer Sciences (Phase 3b); 6-8 Art (Phase 3b); 6-8 World Languages (Phase 3b); 6-8 Math (Phase 4); and Music (Phase 4).
    Goal 5: To facilitate the Middle School Renovation project.

     UM Middle School Administration

    Dr. Joseph Waters
     Mr. Gould  Dr. Djang
    Middle School Principal
    Dr. Joseph Waters

    Middle School Assistant Principal
     for Student Services
    Mr. Richard Gould
    Middle School Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction 
    Dr. Leslie Djang