Middle School Building Goals

    Goal 1: To continue to provide leadership in the development and implementation of Upper Moreland School District Safe Schools’ processes.
    Goal 2: Implementation of Rachel’s Challenge in order to enhance the caring and nurturing learning environment within UMMS to build a stronger school culture that promotes a safe, caring, and supportive learning environment where all students can thrive.
    Goal 3: Implementation of Chromebooks for all students in grades 6 through 8 in order to enhance 21st century skills and greater engagement throughout all classrooms.
    Goal 4: To increase student achievement in grades 6, 7, & 8 on the PSSA in ELA, Math, and Science by five percentage points.
    Goal 5To continue working with the Office of Teaching, Learning and Assessment to guide the Framework process of Continuous Improvement at the building level for: K-12 Art, 3-10 Health, 3-12 World Languages (Phase 1), 6-12 Mathematics, Grade 12 Literacy/English (Phase 2), 9-11 Literacy, 6-12 Family & Consumer Science, 9-12 Business & Integrated Technology, 6-12 Technology Education, K-5 Social Studies (Phase 3a), 6-12 Social Studies, K-5 Literacy, K-8 Business, Computer and Information Technology Education, 6-8 Literacy, K-2 Health (Phase 3b), K-5 Mathematics, K-12 Physical Education, 6-12 Science (Phase 4), K-5 Science, K-12 Library, K-12 Music (Phase 5) at the Middle School

    Building Study Group Focus:
    Rachel’s Challenge, Magic is in EXPLICIT Instruction


     UM Middle School Administration

    Matt Beyerle
    Middle School
    Mr. Lawrence Cannon

    Middle School Assistant Principal and 7th Grade Administrator

    Mr. Matthew Beyerle
    Middle School
    Assistant Principal and 6th Grade Administrator

    Mrs. Dina Criss