High School Building Goals 2016-2017

    Goal 1:  To create and implement effective data teams in Science and Literacy that will utilize newly generated statistics to drive student instruction;
    Goal 2:  Prepare the faculty, student body and UMHS community for the implementation of an A/B block schedule which divides eight blocks of classes between two alternating days so that students only take four courses a day beginning in the fall of 2017-2018 school year;
    Goal 3:  To develop units of study and pacing guides within the Social Studies curriculum for grades 9-12;
    Goal 4: Redesign the Guidance Counselors responsibilities and student case load assignments to reflect the addition of a college counselor model;
    Goal 5:  Continue to work with the Office of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, to guide the Framework process of Continuous Improvement at the building level for: Family and Consumer Sciences, Art, Technology Education and Library (Phase 3b); 9-12 Mathematics and Music (Phase 4); and Computer and Integrated Technology (Phase 5) at the High School;
    Goal 6:  To continue the development of Blackboard and Blended Learning to give students more access to rigorous content, multiple ways to practice skills, and a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their learning;
    Goal 7: Guide the entry and supervise the newly appointed Upper Moreland High School Assistant Principal/Athletic Director. 
    Building Study Group Focus:
    Principles of Teaching and Learning, Writing Instruction in all Content Areas, Block Schedule, Data Teams, Content Area Phase Work

     UM High School Administration

     Carracappa  Cannon
    High School Principal
    Mr. Joseph Carracappa

     Assistant Principal 
    Mr. Lawrence Cannon
     Devon Landgraff  Stock
     Assistant Principal for Student Services/Athletic Director
    Mr. Devon Landgraff
    Assistant Principal for
    Curriculum and Instruction
    Mrs. Lindsey Stock