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    Upper Moreland Township School District values the contributions made by all of its volunteers and appreciates the time and effort provided by you to support the students and staff of the school district.

    The safety of the children is our number one priority and as such, the District has developed procedures for those wishing to become an approved volunteer.  To ensure the safety and welfare of our students, and to comply with current applicable state and federal laws, the Upper Moreland School District has revised some of the procedures and requirements effective July 1, 2017.

    New volunteers:   Clearances for new volunteers may not be more than one year old.  These clearances will expire in 60 months (5 years) from the date of the oldest clearance submitted. (example: if your Child Abuse clearance is dated 1/5/17 and everything else is dated 8/2/17, all of your clearances will need to be renewed by 1/5/2022).

    Returning Volunteers:  In order to be considered a “returning volunteer” you must have submitted all of your required clearances previously and been on the “approved volunteer list” in 2017-2018.  Your clearances must be within a sixty (60) month period and will expire sixty (60) months from the date of the oldest clearance submitted.  If any of your submitted clearances have expired you will need to provide a complete new packet with all new clearances (see New Volunteers) and then you will be updated on the “approved volunteer list” for another sixty (60) months.  Note A new “Request to Provide Volunteer Services” and a “Volunteer Affirmation” form will need to be submitted every year that you wish to continue to volunteer.

    Note:  If you previously volunteered in any of the schools without having clearances because you were not required to have them at the time, you should follow the instructions for New Volunteers and submit a complete “Request to Provide Volunteer Services” packet.

    All of the required forms are available on the School District website by clicking on “VOLUNTEERING IN UMTSD”, and then clicking on “VOLUNTEER FORMS”.  Clicking on the name of the form will take you to the required document or the State/Federal website where you will apply for your clearances.

    • REQUEST TO PROVIDE VOLUNTEER SERVICES Required every year you wish to volunteer. Click on the title of the form, print the document, fill in requested information, check off the boxes for the forms you are attaching, sign the form.

    • VOLUNTEER AFFIRMATION FORM – Required every year you wish to volunteer. All new and returning volunteers will need to print out this form, sign and date. Those who need to have their fingerprinting done should click on the FEDERAL CRIMINAL HISTORY REPORT link and contact the facility where you would like to have your fingerprints done.  An appointment may be necessary depending on the facility you choose. IdentoGO Volunteer Code: 1KG6Y3

    • PA STATE POLICE RESPONSE FOR CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK REPORT and the PA CHILD ABUSE HISTORY CLEARANCES  - clicking on the link will take you to the State website where you will need to fill in personal information and may need to create a login and password.  Be sure to click on the box for “VOLUNTEER” so you are not charged a fee.   IN MANY CASES YOU WILL GET AN IMMEDIATE RESPONSE AND WILL BE ABLE TO PRINT YOUR CERTIFICATE THE SAME DAY. If you have difficulty with either of these websites, please call the 800 number provided on the website. 

    • TUBERCULOSIS SCREENING REPORTYou DO NOT need a TB Test. You will be asked a few questions about potential risk factors then have the form signed.  The form may be completed with our High School or Middle School Nurse, by your Family Physician or by the Montgomery County Health Department site nurse in Willow Grove. The High School nurse is available from 7:10am – 10:45am or 1:20pm-2:40pm Mon-Fri without an appointment.  You can call the Middle School nurse for a mutually convenient time at 215-706-3793.


    Do NOT send your packet in to the school with your child. 
    You may drop off complete packets to Dawn Hurt in the Administration Building anytime between 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM, Fax them to 215-659-0904, or scan and email them to dhurt@umtsd.org.

    Again, thank you for your willingness to volunteer in the School District.  We hope you enjoy your volunteer experience.