November 10, 2014

    To our Upper Moreland Families and Community Members:

    The Upper Moreland School District Board of Directors is forming an “Ad Hoc” committee to review existing District athletic facilities and assets.  This committee will consist of current School Board members, District administrators and qualified community members.  The charge of this Ad Hoc committee will be to evaluate the existing athletic facilities at the High School, Middle School and Primary/Intermediate School and provide recommendations to the School Board regarding priorities for potential renovations, configuration, use/rentals, etc.

    In order to best serve the Upper Moreland community today and tomorrow, we believe that community input is vital as we consider a very important issue. So to ensure that all voices are heard, we would like to have a cross-section of our community represented at the table during the discussions.  In order to do that, we ask that if you are interested in participating in this Ad Hoc committee that you identify yourself as representing, advocating for  or having an interest in one of the following four “groups”:

    • Swimming/Diving;
    • Indoor Sports such as Basketball, Wrestling, etc.;
    • Outdoor Sports such as Baseball/Softball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, etc.;
    • General interest in being part of the process without representing a particular perspective.

    We wish to encourage broad community involvement in this process and will accept applications for participation from community members between now and the end of the day on Friday, November 21.   From each interest group, there will be primary participants along with designated “substitutes” to make sure that all voices are heard at each meeting.

    If you are interested in participating on the Ad Hoc Committee, please complete the brief application found at this link

    Please click here to apply for the Ad Hoc Committee.


    Mark Wenik
    President Board of School Directors