Bulletin Board
For the week of May 15th   
4th Grade Lessons
  - Regular Lessons as Scheduled
5th Grade Lessons 
  - Regular Lessons as Scheduled
Musical Enrichment Opportunities
Curriculum Fair - May 18 - Come and see demonstrations of music from all grade levels
AM Rehearsals (Music Calendar)
Monday............................Purple String Ensemble 
Wednesday......................Gold String Ensemble
                                       Purple String Ensemble
Thursday..........................Concert Band
                                        Symphonic Band                                        
Friday.............................. Gold String Ensemble
                                        Wind Ensemble
ALL Students should bring the following to each lesson:
- Instrument
- Lesson Book
- 1 inch 3 ring binder (no filler paper)
- Pencil

Qualifying for a Performing Ensemble
The required skills/standards are as follows:

All students must be able to proficiently (independently)

_____ Demonstrate self-control and appropriate listening skills.

_____ Demonstrate proper developing technique. (Instrument hold, sitting/standing position, posture)

_____ Produce a quality developing characteristic tone for the following*:

*Winds: Play five pitches/notes (the first five taught pitches).

*Percussion: Play quarter, eighth note values. Count quarter, half, whole rest durations.

*Strings: Play D, E, F#, G, A, B, C#, D. Open G and E strings.

_____ Read/identify/play the mentioned pitches using quarter, half, whole value durations.

_____ Demonstrate independent playing skills for a large group setting through duets.

_____ Maintain a steady beat.

In an Effort to "Go Green"
We will post announcements and needed paperwork (i.e.- rehearsal calendars, lesson rotation calendars, emergency announcements) on our UMIS "Music Bulletin Board" Web-page. We suggest that you copy and paste the above link for a direct link to this page.  We urge you to book mark this page and check it on a weekly basis (Sundays are best) so you can stay best informed. We will update the bulletin board on Fridays and occasionally on Sunday evenings. You will be able to check the bulletin board for rehearsal cancellations in the event of inclement weather. By keeping in touch with the "Music Bulletin Board," you and your child will be well informed and up to date. 
Transportation Alert 
State Law prohibits large instruments: Baritone Horn, Percussion Learning Kits (Drums), French Horns, Bass, Cellos, and Tubas on school buses. Instruments that can safely rest on a student’s lap will be permitted. Be aware that parents/guardians will be responsible for the transportation of larger instruments. In most instances, with the exception of drums, U.M.I.S. can accommodate transportation conflicts by providing a “back-up” instrument for in-school use. It will be the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to transport drums ("PLK") to and from school on lesson days. In extenuating circumstances, special arrangements can be made for drum pick-up/drop-off. Parents/Guardians are advised to take this information into consideration in the instrument selection process. 
Need Supplies/Repairs? 

Students' weekly assignments are notated on their weekly practice log
Please monitor students' practice habits and sign the log prior to their lesson
Practice logs should remain in the binder for the entire year
Last Modified on May 15, 2017