• When there is a reasonable expectation of an event (e.g. weather), early morning School Delay or School Cancellation automated phone calls will only be made to phone numbers recorded in the district's database as "Home" numbers for guardian contacts.  That is, numbers stored in the school district's database as "Cell 1" or "Cell 2" will not be called if an early morning notification is necessary (one exception would be if there is no number stored in the "Home" field, then the number stored in the "Cell 1" field will be attempted).
    If an automated phone call is necessary after 8 a.m., or if the urgency of the message is such that all numbers need to be attempted, the district will call all numbers in the database stored in the fields "Home", "Cell 1", and "Cell 2" for all guardian contacts.
    We are implementing this change because contacting fewer numbers will allow the calls to be processed much more quickly by the automated system.  Additionally, contacting only the "Home" numbers will limit the number of phones that ring in the early morning hours when most families are at home.
    If, you prefer to designate a cell phone number as your "Home" number, you may do so by contacting the main office of your child's building.  Please allow a minimum of 7 days to process any changes.
    If your phone number was contacted in error or you would like to opt out of all One Call Now calls, please contact One Call Now directly at 1-877-698-3262, option 4, and then option 2.
    School district employees should contact the Human Resources Department if they need to change their phone number.  Please allow a minimum of 7 days to process any changes.
    Also note, that in addition to the automated phone calls, you may also check the following resources:
    • The district website at https://www.umtsd.org/
    • Receive emaill notification through the UM e-communicator
    • Call the Upper Moreland School District Emergency Info-Line at 215-830-1508
    • Watch BNN, Comcast Cable Channel 60 and Verizon Cable Channel 37
    • Listen to KYW Newsradio 1060 for our Emergency Number: 310
      Tune your television to one of these stations:
    • KYW Channel 3  
    • WPVI Channel 6  
    • NBC Channel 10  
    • Fox TV 29
      Or visit one of the television station's websites at: