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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Tier Time and how often do students participate in Tier Reading?

    The Tier block occurs for one period daily as an opportunity to practice the skills and strategies that were taught during the Core Reading block. During the Tier, teachers work with smaller groups and design the practice to meet the students' instructional levels.

    My child does not have his or her homeroom teacher during the Tier Time. Does that mean that there is a reading problem?

    No. Children at all levels of instruction may move in order to effectively group children to meet needs.

    Will my child have this Tier Assignment all year?

    Tier Assignments are based on student need. The teachers will meet several times a year to review student performance and make new assignments based on student performance on assessments and classroom observations. These assignments will change for some students during the year.

    How will my child be graded?

    The Core Reading Teacher (your child's homeroom teacher) will have the primary responsibility for grading. The essential instruction of grade level skills and strategies will occur during Core Reading time. Tier teachers will carefully observe students and collect work samples that will be shared with each student's homeroom teacher to be considered when grading. Students with IEPs will be graded according to the IEP goals. Homeroom teachers and special education teachers will work together to report grades for these students.

    How can I support my child at home?

    In the near future, each student will be able to reread any of the stories in our reading series on the web at home if he or she has internet access. You will soon receive a log in and password for your child. Reading these stories with your child and discussing them can give your child valuable extra practice.

    Will students with GIEPs participate in the Tier time?

    Students with GIEPs will attend LEAP during Tier time. Tier time is the practice of skills and strategies taught in Core Reading. During LEAP, students will have the opportunity to apply and extend these skills and strategies through a variety of activities.

Last Modified on January 10, 2012