•  Mrs. Fenningham  
    Katie Fenningham, M.S. Ed.
    School Counselor for the 
    Upper Moreland Intermediate School

    My name is Katie Fenningham and I am the School Counselor at the Upper Moreland Intermediate School. I work with all students in grades 3, 4 and 5 in a variety of different ways. Each month I focus on a different classroom lesson and I meet with each class to work on these important topics. I facilitate several different “lunch bunch” peer support groups throughout the year. We focus on many different topics including friendship, social skills and family changes (divorce and separation). I also meet with students individually to support any need they may have. In addition to working with students I am a member of the Intermediate School Olweus anti-bullying committee, the Data Team and the Child Study team. If I can help to support you or your child, please call me at 215-325-1708 or email me at kfenningham@umtsd.org.