• Upper Moreland Intermediate School

    Title I – Reading

    Title I Parent Involvement Building Plan


                The Upper Moreland Intermediate School, in collaboration with our Title I Parent Advisory Council, has jointly developed and agreed upon this Title I Parent Involvement Plan.  The purpose of this plan is to encourage and increase parent participation in the development and implementation of our school programs. 

                The Upper Moreland Intermediate School Title I Advisory Council is comprised of Title I staff, parents of Title I students, and the building principal.  The Council annually reviews and makes modifications as needed to the Parent Involvement Plan.

                The Title I Parent Involvement Plan was devised in accordance with Federal requirements. Title I funds are utilized to provide parents with support and the opportunity to attend meetings and workshops.  Title I funds will help provide parents with childcare, transportation, materials and refreshments. 


                  I.  Involve parents in the joint development and annual review of the following:

    • Parent Involvement Plan
    • Home and School Compact
    • Needs Assessment Survey 

               II.  Convene an annual fall Open House for all Title I program participants to explain:

    • Home and School Compact
    • Title I Program components
    • Assessment/progress reports
    • Communication/contact information
    • Pennsylvania Standards/ UMTSD Curriculum
    • School report cards information, including proficiency levels
    • Parent Involvement Plan
    • Needs Assessment Survey


             III.  Schedule Parent-Teacher Conferences to discuss the following:

    • Individual student progress in program
    • Individual student assessment results
    • School/family issues that may be impacting student’s performance
    • Parents’ questions and concerns regarding academic progress
    • Title I progress reports
    • All Title I parents should schedule a spring parent-teacher conference with the Title I teacher.

            IV.  Ongoing Communication between home and school will occur through:

    • School-wide monthly newsletters
    • Report card comments
    • District email
    • District website
    • Workshops 

               V. Build capacity for strong parental involvement and communication through:

    • Workshops
    • Scheduling meetings and workshops at various times/days/dates
    • Addressing a variety of topics based on parent input
    • Provide childcare, transportation and refreshments
    • Access community resources such as U.M. Free Library

            VI. Conduct an annual evaluation to:

    • Determine level of parent participation
    • Identify barriers that limit parent participation
    • Use findings to design strategies for improvement of parent involvement
    • Measure the success of Title I program