September 2010

    Dear Parents/Caregivers:

    Inspiring children to become lifelong readers and learners is one of the most valuable gifts parents and teachers can give children. One way to accomplish this goal is to encourage children to make pleasure reading a regular part of their daily routine. Our Reading Incentive program is designed to do that by challenging students to read more at home.

    The theme for this year’s Reading Incentive program is “Reading Rocks!” We will have a special kick-off assembly on Thursday, October 7, 2010 to promote the Reading Incentive program. The fall program will run from October 11-29, 2010.

    A weekly reading log will be sent home with your child each Monday morning for the next three weeks, beginning on Monday, October 11th. The form should be returned to your child’s homeroom teacher each Monday morning. The form for the last week should be turned in on Monday, November 1, 2010. Incentives will be distributed to children who meet the reading challenge. Below are the at-home reading goals for each grade level. These are minimum goals. Encourage your child to read for longer times and read with them when possible. Helping your child select appropriate books to read is another way to assist them in the program.

    • Third grade -20 minutes per night for 5 nights-100 minutes per week
    • Fourth grade -25 minutes per night for 5 nights-125 minutes per week
    • Fifth grade -30 minutes per night for 5 nights-150 minutes per week

    Please join us in this important endeavor by encouraging your children to participate in our Reading Incentive program, Reading Rocks!”


    The Reading Incentive Committee,

    Upper Moreland Intermediate School



Last Modified on October 27, 2010