Upper Moreland Intermediate School
    Student Awards for the Marking Period

    In an effort to recognize excellence, we established awards for the marking period that could motivate all students to strive to do their best. These awards will be announced at the Circle of Excellence assembly.
    Click on the name of the award to view the recipients.
    Certificate of Academic Excellence
    • All 4’s (Advanced) in major subject areas
      (Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies).
    • Consistent effort to work up to one’s fullest potential.
    • Demonstrates higher-order thinking skills to readily apply concepts and skills when completing performance tasks.
    • Most or all skills indicators at the Outstanding level.
    Certificate of Academic Responsibility
    • Outstanding classroom participation.
    • Consistently works to complete classroom assignments with exceptional perseverance both independently and in group.
    • Completes daily homework assignments.
    • Applies study skills.
    Certificate of Social Responsibility
    • All O’s in Characteristics of a Successful Learner
    • Fair
    • Honors school rules
    • Demonstrates leadership
    • Accepts responsibility
    • Shows respect for others