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    Over the years many benefactors have established scholarships for high school seniors who are attending post-secondary or professional education institutions. Each scholarship, announced at Commencement, has its own unique qualifications. If you wish to contribute to a scholarship or create one of your own, contact Nora Rosenbaum at nrosenbaum@umtsd.org or 215-830-1587 for additional information. All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. If you wish to contribute directly to an account or scholarship, please mail check or money order, made payable to Upper Moreland School District, 2900 Terwood Road, Willow Grove PA 19090, Attn: Matthew Lentz.
    The following is a list of scholarships that have been established over the years with awards ranging from $50.00 to $1,000.00 awarded on an annual basis.  For an updated printable list for the Class of 2018, click here.

          Emily Abel Scholarship - A  scholarship is to be awarded to a student who meets the following criteria:  financial need; UM graduation senior accepted to a four year college or university; high school academic record demonstrating a serious commitment to the student’s studies having maintained a “B” average and has demonstrated community service in or out of the school.

         Paul W. Beck Scholarship - Awarded to a student who has faced great challenges and who continues to focus on his/her goals while striving for excellence.
         Warren & Barbara Blumberg Memorial Scholarship - Awarded to a student who possesses outstanding qualifications in business studies and who intends to pursue further education in the business field.
         Jack Brodsky Memorial Scholarship - Awarded to a student in the top 15%-20% of the senior class and who plans on attending a college or university. This student must exhibit a caring and respectful attitude towards others, and be active and hardworking for the benefit of the school community.
         Corey Ebner Memorial Scholarship -  Awarded to a student who has a "B" average or above and is interested in communications.
         Edwin S. & Sherry D. Eichert Mathematics Scholarship - Awarded to a student who scored significantly above average in courses in standardized tests and who has indicated intent to pursue an undergraduate degree in mathematics, physics, chemistry, or engineering.
         Eleanor S. & Charles A. Gallo Memorial Scholarship - Awarded to a student who has attended Upper Moreland schools no less than 6 years, and has maintained an overall GPA in the top fifth of the class for four years while at the high school. This scholarship will extend for the four years the recipient is in college, as long as a C average academically is maintained throughout the recipients four years in college.
         James E. Gamble - Awarded to a student for outstanding performance in the field of art.
         Salvatore J. Grillo Computer Science Scholarship - Awarded to a student who has achieved high grades in physics, chemistry and math through high school, has a four-year college-oriented interest in Computer Science-beyond programming and data processing, and is not the recipient of any other major award.
         Joseph L. Hagy, III -  Awarded to a student graduating from UMHS; must be accepted to and planning to attend a program of higher education; should be in good academic standing, display STRONG community service and exhibit qualities of honesty, integrity and genuine concern for others.
         Perch P. Henkin Memorial Scholarship -  Awarded to a deserving graduate who has shown exemplary improvement in their four years at Upper Moreland High School.
       Rob Meehl Foundation Scholarship - Awarded to one male, and one female student per school year who meet the following criteria:  Live in the Upper Moreland School District for a minimum of five years; Active in various functions and co-curricular activities such as academic clubs, student council, athletics, and/or fine arts; Must have a history of volunteerism in the school district or community; Have a "C" average or better. 
         Dayna Irwin Memorial Scholarship - Awarded to a student who shows consistent effort, and who has maintained at least a "B" average. This senior is one who has been involved in sports, clubs, or activities and displays a positive attitude. 

         Susan Marie Kiel Memorial Scholarship - Awarded to a student who has been accepted into a registered nursing program at an institute of higher learning and has demonstrated a commitment to the improvement of the health and welfare of others.
         Joseph G. Koehler Memorial Practical Arts Award - Awarded to a student in the family & consumer sciences and a student for industrial arts who has shown outstanding achievement.
         Jennie Pearl Lichtenstein Humanitarian Service Award - Awarded to a student who is the most outstanding provider of public service and humanitarian work during the years of attendance at UMHS.
         Claire Lawangina-Sean Michael Family Scholarship -This award is given in memory of two children who left this world before they ever experienced the opportunity to shine or had their moment of glory in high school. This scholarship is awarded to a well rounded student showing a superior work ethic, initiative, and motivation in whatever endeavor he or she pursues. It is hoped that this scholarship will help the student carry their excitement begun here to yet another level. $500.00 renewable for up to four consecutive years pending full-time enrollment. Student will need to confirm their continuing status each year to the UM Business Manager. Selected student will have maintained GPA between 75% and 85% in senior year classes, participated in minimum of one co-curricular, school sponsored activity each year of high school and intent on attending any accredited educational/professional institution.
         Willow Grove Rotary "Service Above Self" Scholarship - Presented to an Upper Moreland senior in the top one-half of the class who best exemplifies the Rotary motto “Service Above Self.” Candidates must have been active and contributing members of at least three service organizations/clubs while in their junior and/or senior years and been an officer in at least two of these organizations.  The nominating credentials of three seniors will be presented to the Rotary for final decision.
    If you wish to contribute to a scholarship or create one of your own, contact Nora Rosenbaum at nrosenbaum@umtsd.org or 215-830-1587.
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