Our staff believes strongly in the importance of regular physical exercise and lifelong fitness. Physical Education classes stress the development of fundamental skills and basic game strategies along with daily fitness activities. Our goal is to develop a positive attitude toward physical fitness and to teach useable skills that will carry over into post-secondary life. We encourage students to develop a habit of lifelong exercise and enjoy the benefits that fitness brings with it.

    We want all students to be as successful as possible in physical education. All students are required to participate in and pass four years of physical education in order to graduate. We are proud of our program and appreciate the support we have received from the administration, parents and community members. Most of all we are excited about the overwhelming positive response from the students.


    Each student can earn up to 10 points per day for dressing in appropriate gym clothes, displaying quality effort, cooperating, and exhibiting good sportsmanship. Written test scores for each unit in grades 10-11-12 are factored into the student's grade.

    Each student in 9th grade is allowed to miss one P.E. class per marking period that does not need to be made up. Each student in grade 10-11-12 is allowed to miss one P.E. class per 4 ½ week unit that does not need to be made up. Acceptable reasons include: illness, injury, medical excuse, absence from school, or involvement in a school-related function. Being unprepared for class is not an acceptable excuse.

    Additional missed classes will result in a zero for the day until they are made up. Students may make up these classes for the reasons stated above for full credit.

    Students who are unprepared for class will receive a zero for the day but have the option of making up the class for ½ credit. Other reasons for loss of points are described in the written P.E. policy.

    Medical Excuse Requirements for Physical Education:
    A student may be excused from Physical Education class, for medical purposes, for up to three consecutive days with a written excuse from a parent. A student that needs to be excused for more than three days must have a written excuse from a medical doctor or medical facility. If a student is ill or injured on the day of the class, he/she can still receive credit if the teacher is able to safely modify the activity/sport during that class period. Otherwise, the student will get credit for the first missed day as stated above and will be able to make up the additional missed days for full credit.

    Extended Absence:

    Any student who has an extended absence for reasons other than a medical excuse will meet with the individual teacher to decide on a mutually agreed upon plan for making up the classes.

    How to make up classes:

    The students will be given a two-week pass from their teacher to make up classes in the Fitness Center. Each make-up is 30 minutes. The workout is designed to reinforce the health-related components of fitness such as: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. One of the Physical Education teachers supervises the students at all times in the Fitness Center. The workout can be modified to meet the needs of students with specific restrictions.

    It is the responsibility of the student to provide their teacher with the completed makeup card. At that time the appropriate grade change will be made.

    * The Fitness Center is open Monday and Wednesday from 2:30-3:30. Additional days of operation are currently being reviewed by the Physical Education staff and the Administration.

    Many athletes are able to get the make-up completed prior to practice. If not, they may split the workout over the course of two days.

    Extended Medical Excuse Make-ups:

    If a student is unable to participate in modified activities in the Fitness Center then a written assignment will be given. Students may select a health, sport or fitness-related article to read and summarize for each missed day. The summary should be one full page, double-spaced, and typed, with a font size of 12. The resources should be listed as well. The due dates will be determined on an individual basis depending on the situation. The student's grade will be adjusted as the written work is turned in.

    Additional information:

    Students who miss a skill test, fitness test and/or written test due to a medical excuse, non-participation, or absence will be expected to make up the test(s). Make up tests are arranged with individual teachers for a time that is mutually agreeable.

    Please feel free to contact the Physical Education teachers for additional information or individual concerns. Information related to other areas of the Physical Education policy is available upon request.

    * Denotes the only change to this policy.

Last Modified on October 7, 2010