• Upper Moreland High School
    Family and Consumer Sciences


    The goal of the FCS elective program is to offer a variety of electives in three strands. The elective program has also been designed to give students entering high school the opportunity to plan an elective path that will provide additional instruction in a particular field of interest.

    Elective Pathways

    The purpose of the elective pathway is to give students who have a particular interest or future plans in Family and Consumer Sciences to select related courses that will give them the opportunity to explore topics in that particular field. Students DO NOT have to follow any of the elective pathways, and are welcome to take any elective where they meet the grade level and academic performance pre-requisites.

    Child Development

    Culinary Arts and Nutrition

    Consumerism & Hospitality

    Other Subject Electives

    Introduction to Child Development

    Everyday Eats

    Adulting - Managing Your Life as an Adult


    Advanced Child Development

    Conquering Cuisine

    Fashion Design and Marketing 101

    (Business Law)

    Child Development Practicum Lab I

    Culinary Arts @ Eastern

    Hospitality & Tourism 

    (Macroeconomics and Finance)

    Child Development Practicum Lab II