• Office of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
    Year 18
    The Framework for Continuous Improvement
    For 18 years, the Office of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment has used the Framework for Continuous Improvement (The Framework) to ensure a systematic approach to improving curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Central to the Framework is the Instructional Management Cycle (IMC). The IMC provides opportunities for professional development and distributive leadership while keeping the on-going work focused on improving curriculum, instruction, and assessment. It is defined by five phases:
    Needs Assessment / Planning
    Phase 1  
    - Study of the latest standards, research, best practices, and current trends in education
    - Review of curriculum mapping and data collected
    - Research of exemplary programs 
    Phase 2  
    - Align with K-12 philosophy and latest standards
    - Write scope & sequence and planned course documents
    - Develop professional development and implementation plan 
    Phase 3  
    - Professional Development focused on implementation
    - Develop units and common assessments
    Assessment of Program Implementation
    Phase 4  
    - Refine the program through differentiated professional development
    - Improve program based on evidence and data
    Phase 5  
    - Continue to refine and improve the program 
    - Prepare for Needs Assessment / Planning