• Guidelines for Written Public Comment

    In accordance with Policy 903, District residents and District taxpayers may comment on matters of concern, official action, or deliberation which are or may be before the Board prior to official action by the Board. Residents and taxpayers have two options to provide public comment. They may attend a public Board meeting and speak during designated public comment periods, or they may submit written comments prior to the public Board meeting.

    Written public comments will only be accepted for the next scheduled public meeting of the full Board or Board Committee. District residents and taxpayers who wish to provide the Board with comments which do not pertain to the next scheduled meeting can email their comments to schooldirectors@umtsd.org.

    All written public comments intended to be reviewed by the Board prior to a Board or Board Committee meeting must be submitted 24 hours in advance of the Board meeting via this form. Written comments must include the following information:

    • Name and address of person submitting comment 
    • Agenda item or other topic of comment 
    • Written comment

    The Board of School Directors and the Superintendent will have access to read all submitted written public comments. Written public comments submitted via this form will not be read aloud at the public Board meeting; however, they will be posted with the Board meeting video for 30 days after the public meeting. Questions asked in the written public comment will not necessarily receive a response in a public forum. Any duplicate or redundant submissions by a resident or taxpayer for the same agenda item or topic will be discarded.