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     Facility Usage Instructions and Rules & Regulations 

     To begin - Facility Usage Availability can be found here.

    Questions?  Email nrosenbaum@umtsd.org

    1. New with the 2021-2022 school year:  All new requests for use of Upper Moreland School District facilities and athletic fields should be emailed to Nora Rosenbaum at nrosenbaum@umtsd.org prior to booking on School Dudes application.

    2. Once date/dates are approved through the Facilities Department, you will need to visit the School Dudes website.

    3. Click Here to access the School Dudes site. You will first need to request access as a community group user and create a login and password. Click Here to login

    4. When you submit your request, an email will be generated to the Facilities & Events Coordinator who will submit the request to the building Principal or designee for confirmation of available dates. Once approval of the requested date(s) and time(s) is received, all new facility group requests will be submitted to the Facility Committee for review and then to the School Board for final approval.

    5. You are now ready to submit your request click on this link.

    6. Be sure to SAVE your submission and then print your confirmation page with the Schedule ID number.

    * There are 3 (three) User Classifications.

    If you are unsure about your classification, CLICK HERE to see the different categories.

       View the Facilities Rental Fee Chart here. 

    7. A Certificate of Insurance is required for all activities. General liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 is required and Upper Moreland Township School District shall be named as additional insured. First time applicants will need to submit their Certificate of Insurance prior to the request being processed. This can be attached to your submission request, emailed directly to nrosenbaum@umtsd.org or faxed to 215-659-3421.

    8. The Facilities office will review and coordinate any requests for food service, media, sound and lighting, additional custodial and technology support. All costs for the above-mentioned supports will be billed to the organization requesting the services. Do not use the online invoicing program on School Dude application. Security and/or traffic control may be required for audiences/attendees in excess of 200 at the applicant’s expense. The District reserves the right to require police or private security presence for any reason at the applicant’s expense.

    9. Once the Board has approved new facility use requests, a letter of confirmation and an invoice for rental fees and any additional support services will be sent from the Facilities Manager. In cases where the request is made more than 60 days in advance, a 50% deposit is required to hold the requested date.

    10. The user group submits the amount indicated on the invoice ten (10) days in advance of the requested event date unless other arrangements have been made.


    Applications for use will be accepted on the following schedule:

    Winter – Online registration opens on November 1st for use November 23rd – February 18th
    Spring – Online registration opens on January 5th for use February 19th – June 11th
    Summer – Online registration opens on May 1st for use June 12th – August 5th
    Fall – Online registration opens on August 1st for use August 6th – November 22nd


    • The permit holder agrees to save and hold harmless Upper Moreland Township School District and agrees to assume responsibility for all liabilities arising incident to school facility use.
    • State and local occupancy limits shall be enforced and shall not exceed fire code capacity.  Should it be necessary to secure a monitor to oversee capacity, the cost will be incurred by the lessee.
    • Any right or privilege granted to an organization shall not be transferred to any other organization or individual.
    • UMTSD and its employees shall not be responsible for damage to or loss of property upon school premises sustained by applicant, participant in a program, or patron of any program held on school property.
    • All programs shall be in strict accordance with the building rules and Board policy of UMTSD, and not in violation of the laws of Pennsylvania or of the United States. The Superintendent or his/her designee shall be in full authority.


    • All facility use requests are subject to cancellation with or without due notice for emergency situations, building/mechanical repair work or for violation of the terms of the Rules and Regulations for Use of School Facilities as determined by the Superintendent or his/her designee.
    • Smoking, gambling, and use of intoxicants within the premises of the building are strictly prohibited in accordance with Board Policy #711.
    • Alcoholic beverages, narcotics, controlled substances, and drug paraphernalia shall not be permitted on school premises.  If it is discovered that any of the above mentioned items are being used or evidence of use is discovered after the organization has left the premises, the police will be contacted.
    • Raffles, small games of chance and Bingo may be approved with the proper small games of chance and/or bingo permits.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure the proper permits and pay all required fees.
    • No furniture or equipment shall be used or moved without express approval or consent of the Superintendent or his/her designee.
    • No signs, displays, or materials may be attached to or nailed against the wall, window glass, woodwork, draperies, blinds, curtains, grounds, drives, etc., without expressed approval or consent of the Superintendent or his/her designee. See Procedures for Posting Signs for Advertising on the school district website.
    • When event is over, dismantle and remove everything from the premises and leave the facility in a presentable condition.  Any damage sustained during the event should be immediately reported to the custodian on duty or other district representative.
    • The use of drones by individuals or groups using school district facilities is prohibited.
    • Employees of Upper Moreland School District shall be treated with respect at all times.
    • Class II & Class III groups may not use school district facilities during normal school hours or on District holiday, Student/Teacher holidays, and Winter/Spring break days. When school is in session, Athletic facilities (indoor rooms and outdoor fields) may not be used before 6:00 p.m. or after 10:00 p.m.
    • Individuals/agencies may not rent, sublet, transfer, or assign their interest in, or umbrella the use of school facilities.
    • When students/children are the primary group using the facility, an adult supervisor (age 21 or older) must be in attendance at all times to accept responsibility for:
      • The care of the facility and equipment
      • The conduct of the group using the facility
      • Confining the group’s activities to the area
      • Vacating premises and equipment assigned at arranged times.
    • The sponsoring organization is responsible for seeing that vehicles use prescribed parking areas only. In the event of damages to buildings, turf, or other equipment, the sponsoring organization shall be held liable and will be billed for repairs and/or replacement.  Organizations expecting attendance to exceed 200 people will be required to hire UM Police Department to monitor the parking lot and fire zones
    • Animals, other than service animals, are not permitted in the buildings or on school grounds without prior approval of the Superintendent.
    • The use of open fire or flames is not permitted.
    • Firearms and facsimiles thereof are prohibited on school property per state and federal statute.
    • School facilities will not be structurally or cosmetically altered by the lessee.
    • Mechanical equipment malfunction at the school will not automatically result in refunds to the user.


    • The use of certain school equipment is permitted only through special requests and approval and when operated by a school employee or other persons authorized by UMTSD or its representatives.
    • Media and computer equipment may not be used by the lessee unless expressly permitted by prior approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee. If granted, there must be a UMTSD technology and/or media staff member on-site for the entire time (There is an hourly fee for this service – see fee schedule).
    • When use of the kitchen or food service has been requested, at least one UMTSD food service staff member is to be on duty. The size and nature of the event will determine the number of food service staff members required. The organization using the facilities will be billed for all costs incurred.  No food, drinks or snacks will be permitted to be stored on school district property by outside groups without prior approval of the Superintendent or designee.
    • All requests for use of school facilities by Class II and Class III groups must stipulate that custodial or school employee services will be provided by UMTSD and must be paid by the lessee. Custodial services will be charged by the hour with a two (2) hour minimum. Lessee must pay the rental fee, two (2) hour minimum custodial, any charges for employees who operate equipment, and any other charges deemed necessary.
    • The payment for rental of the facility, employees to operate equipment and custodial fees will be billed following Board review or approval and sent by mail along with a letter of confirmation.


      • Any time UM School District Administration closes the school due to inclement weather or other emergencies, the buildings will be closed to all community groups and either a refund of rental fees or a mutually agreeable reschedule date will be approved.
      • When an organization is approved for use of the facilities, a deposit of 50% is required to hold the date(s). If a deposit has been received but the full balance has not yet been paid, and the organization cancels the event 30 days in advance, the deposit will not be refunded; however, the remaining balance will not be charged.  Full payment will be required when less than thirty (30) days’ notice is given.
      • Field Use Cancelations – When cancelations of more than one day of field use are received, and the reason for canceling is not due to weather, your deposit will be forfeited. Any remaining balance will be charged if you do not provide a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice.  Canceling a single date of use, not due to weather conditions, will forfeit any fees paid for that day.
      • Field Use Cancelations Due to Weather – Cancelations of one or more scheduled field use days due to inclement weather, with less than 24-hour notification, will forfeit any fees paid for those days and may not be able to be rescheduled. When canceling at least 24 hours in advance due to predicted inclement weather, a request to reschedule will be offered or considered if available, however, no refunds will be made.
      • If the District closes the field(s) due to inclement weather, or poor field conditions due to inclement weather, a request to reschedule will be offered or considered if available.


      The use of the building will be strictly confined to areas and activities approved at the time of the request unless other arrangements have been made in advance and with proper approval. The applicant and his/her organization will be responsible for the compliance of these rules by all persons participating in or pertaining to the activity. In case of doubt, the school custodian or other representative of the school system on duty shall have immediate authority to stop the activity. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations will be sufficient reason to cancel future privileges.  Tournaments or competitive meets with outside parties require security on-site, whose costs will be assessed to the lessee.

      Organized groups who use our facilities without prior approval will be subject to an assessment of those costs which would have accompanied the approved use and may forfeit future rental use privileges. Egregious violations may result in criminal prosecution.  Please see Board Policy #714 Property/Trespassing.

      Rental Classifications

      CLASS I – Upper Moreland School Organizations; UM Alumni Association; UM Education Foundation; UM Parent Groups; UM Music Patrons; UM Booster Club; Eastern Center for Arts & Technology; UM Governmental Agencies; and Programs and/or Assemblies identified by the Superintendent as related to education or professional development/training (when 25% or more of the attendees are UMSD staff members)

      FEE: Waiver of all fees (except security/traffic control and custodial/food service fees for overtime, weekends & holidays)

      NOTE: Class I organizations must comply and annually agree that their organizations have written procedures for internal controls as recommended by the Upper Moreland School District.  Failure to comply with District policies, procedures, guidelines and recommendations may result in the loss of an organization being considered Class I.  

      CLASS II – UMHS Summer Basketball Camp; Summer Arts Camp; UM Township Parks & Recreation Youth Activities and Adult Evening programs; UM Non-Profit Youth Organizations; UM Non-Profit Adult Organizations (with 75% of participants being UM residents); UM Organized Charities; and UM Student Groups (with responsible adult). 

      FEE:  $15 Participant Fee per season in lieu of building and field use fees.

      Facility use Participant Fee Form

      CLASS III – All other Organizations (including YMCA) not associated with UM Township.



    TURF ANNUAL PARTNER (Class II or Class III): For $10,000 annually, an organization may be classified as a Turf Annual Partner. A maximum of two organizations per year may be classified as Turf Annual Partners. Turf Annual Partners are provided with a minimum of 1,700 turf hours annually (allocated by season, see chart below).  Turf Annual Partners also have the ability to make use of the Concessions Stand on selected dates (terms and conditions apply*), field lights if needed, and make use of a storage bay on site.  Turf Annual partners also may run fee-for-service camps with approval by the School District.  Dates of use must be requested at the start of the year and approved by the Facilities Manager, but there will be flexibility depending on already scheduled events.  The Superintendent or designee has final discretion in determining a final decision for field use availability. This is a twelve-month fee with no proration.  (Priority Level 2 -behind co-curricular programs)

    TURF SEASON PARTNER (Class II or Class III): For $4,000 per season (allocated by season, see chart below), an organization may be classified as a Turf Season Partner.  Turf season partners are provided with a minimum of 250, 500 or 700 hours per season (allocated by season, see chart below).  Turf Season Partners also have the ability to make use of the Concessions Stand on selected dates (terms and conditions apply*) and field lights if needed.  Dates of use must be requested at the start of the year and approved by the Facilities Manager, but there will be flexibility depending on already scheduled events.  Turf Season Partners may elect to purchase more than one season (e.g. Fall and Spring) at the applicable rates. Class II and Class III FEE: There is an additional $15 Participant Fee per season. The Superintendent or designee has final discretion in determining a final decision for field use availability. (Priority Level 3)

    THREE HOUR USE (Class II): For $60 per three-hour use, the Stadium and/or Turf Field #2 per season may be scheduled when not in use by the District, Turf Partner Usage Agreement, or Participant Fee. A Class II organization will be able to make use of the three-hour rental fifteen times per season.  The fee covers the use of one field (either the Stadium or Turf Field #2) at the discretion of administration based on availability and field lights if needed.  (Priority Level 4)

    PARTICIPANT FEE/2 HOUR USE (Class II) : Class II groups, if appropriate, may be eligible for two (2) hours of Turf Field use when available.  Dates of use must be requested at the start of the season and approved by the Facilities Manager.  The Superintendent or designee has final discretion in determining a final decision for field use availability which cannot exceed 45 hours per season. (Priority Level 5)  

    • For Class II groups, additional use beyond a total of 45 hours per season must be paid for by becoming either a “Turf Annual Partner” or a “Turf Season Partner.”
    • None of the above rentals allow Tournaments to be run. A tournament is defined as an event where three or more teams (including the Upper Moreland Team) are engaging in sporting activity. Tournament use shall be billed to Class II groups at the same hourly rate applicable to Class III groups. 
    • Here is the chart that identifies the seasons, dates of the seasons, minimum hour of usage that a Turf Annual Partner or a Turf Season Partner will receive, and the fee for Turf Season Partnerships. For their annual fee, Turf Annual Partners receive the minimum number of hours per season as designated on the chart.  For their seasonal fee, Turf Season Partners receive the minimum number of hours for the season that they have selected. 





















    Class III use will be subject to availability. The cost for use of Stadium Turf #1 is $200.00 per hour plus the costs for lights, staff and security.  Use of Turf Field #2 will be at a cost of $150.00 per hour plus the costs for lights, staff and security. 

    Extended Use Option: For Class III groups that wish to rent the Turf fields for ten (10) or more dates, a discounted rate of $175 per hour for the Stadium Turf #1 and $125 per hour for Turf #2 will be offered. All ten (10) or more dates must be listed on the same request form and be used within the same school year. Reservations are not refundable if cancelled.