• Non-Resident Students: Tuition Students - from Board Policy 202 Student Residency
    Non-resident students may apply for admission to district schools, with or without payment of tuition. The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures for the collection of information to present to the school board.
    The School Board will permit a twenty (20) school day grace period, tuition-free, for non-resident students whose family is moving into the school district or whose family is moving from the school district only under the following conditions:

    1. Incoming families 

    (a) That the family becomes residents of the school district on or before the twentieth(20) school day from the first day of school,
    (b) that the parent or legal guardian provides transportation for the non-resident student during the grace period.

    1. Outgoing families

    (a) That the family moves from the school district during the last twenty (20) school days classes are in session for the school year 
    (b) That the family temporarily moves from the school district during the school year, and then moves back into the district within twenty (20) school days,
    (c) That in either of items a or b, the parent or legal guardian provides transportation for the non-resident student.

    Parents/guardians of students that have successfully completed their entire freshman, sophomore, and junior years at Upper Moreland High School may submit a written request to the Board for them to consider granting permission for a student to complete his or her senior year at the high school. Any approval would be contingent upon parental agreement to provide all necessary transportation, pay the appropriate tuition charges, and meet all requirements expected of other students. For the student to be assured that he or she can begin the senior year on the first day of school, the written request must be received by the Board Secretary in the District Office on or before the final workday in July.

    Except as set forth in sections one (1) and two (2)(Incoming and Outgoing Families), admission of non-resident students shall be upon payment of tuition. Tuition shall be paid quarterly in advance of the billing period for all scheduled schooldays.