• Framework Leader Meetings
    2020 -2021

    The Framework Leader is a non-supervisory, co-curricular position that focuses on teacher leadership and support in the development and implementation of the District’s Framework for Continuous Improvement. Responsibilities of the position are in addition to participation on the corresponding District Framework Committee. Through collaboration and a distributive approach to leadership, the Framework Leader will support the IMC under the guidance of the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent.

    Working collaboratively with the district administrators and building administrators, the Framework Leader communicates phase work to committee members and content area colleagues. The Framework Leader is responsible for facilitating professional development workshops/meetings and assisting with study groups. In addition, the Framework Leader may assist with induction workshops and consult with new colleagues.

    To support the completion of phase work for the IMC through a close working relationship between the district administrators, building administrators, and professional staff.

    For 2020-2021:
    Framework Leader meetings can be found within each content areas curriculum calendar.

    The Framework Leader Positions for the 20-21 school year can be found here.