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    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    At Upper Moreland School District, student safety is our priority.  This year, our schools have implemented the Lobby Guard program in all of our buildings.  Lobby Guard is similar to our old Raptor system in that it scans PA Photo ID’s and lets our staff know if an outside visitor is safe to enter our school building.  We are pleased that we are able to offer such a system and we appreciate all of the parents who have changed their routines to remember their state issued photo identification when seeking entry into the building. 

    However, we recognize that not all of our families have a Pennsylvania photo ID.  As such, we have developed the following procedures to ensure student safety while working with our families. 

    Student Pick-Up:

    Parents and Guardians without a PA photo ID will be asked to enter the building and present another form of ID in order to remove their child from the building.  Acceptable forms of photo ID include a passport, license from another state, immigration card, or other government issued photo ID card.

    Parents without any form of photo ID card will be asked to answer questions about their student before releasing the student.

    Participation in Building Activities:

    Parents and Guardians without a PA photo ID will require an administrative escort while in the building.

    Flagged Persons:

    All individuals who flag in the system will be asked to wait in the vestibule for an administrator.  We appreciate your patience as we work to keep our students safe.  Individuals who flag on the system will be allowed to pick up their children or attend meetings for their children in the building. 

    Again, thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students safe.

    Upper Moreland School District Administrative Staff