Please read this entire document before beginning the facilities request process.

    All requests for use of Upper Moreland School District facilities and athletic fields will be through the online School Dudes/FS Direct program – to access the School Dudes site click on this link: 


    For first time users, please follow the steps 1-4 to learn how to generate your School Dudes account and how to schedule your event.

    1. You will first need to request access as a community group user and create a login and password. (click here for directions)
    2. Click on this link to create your login and password.
    3. Once you have received confirmation that your request was received and access has been granted your login and password will be activated and you may now login (click this link for the directions)
    4. You are now ready to learn how to submit your request (click on this link for the directions)
    5. Now you are ready to submit a request (click on this link for the School Dude login)
      Don't forget to select FS/Direct!
    6. When you submit your request an email will be generated to the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent who will submit the request to the building Principal for confirmation of available dates. Once approval of the requested date(s) and time(s) is received, requests that have previously been approved by the Board will be processed; all new requests will be submitted to the facility committee for review and then to the Board for final approval.
    7. Be sure to SAVE your submission and then print your confirmation page with the Schedule ID number.
    8. A Certificate of Insurance is required for all activities. General liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000.00 is required and Upper Moreland Township School District shall be named as additional insured.  First time applicants will need to submit their Certificate of Insurance prior to the request being processed. This can be attached to your submission request , emailed directly to dhurt@umtsd.org or faxed to 215-659-0904.

    The Superintendent’s office reviews the request and will coordinate any requests for food service, media support, sound and lighting support, additional custodial support and technology support. All costs for the above mentioned supports will be billed to the organization requesting the services. Do not use the online invoicing program on FS Direct.

    Security and/or traffic control may be required for audiences/attendees in excess of 200 at the applicant’s expense. The District reserves the right to require police or private security presence for any reason at the applicant’s expense.

    Once the Board has approved new facility use requests, a letter of confirmation and an invoice for rental fees and any additional support services will be sent from the Chief Financial Officer.

    The user group submits the amount indicated on the invoice and their Certificate of Insurance form ten (10) days in advance of the requested event date unless other arrangements have been made. In cases where the request is made more than 60 days in advance, a 50% deposit is required to hold the requested date.

    Use of Stadium, Turf Fields, Score Board, Press Box & Track – please see attached Use of Stadium Facilities and Use of Stadium Track.

    The costs to use these facilities are listed on the Fee Schedule.