• Proper Utilization of District Facilities

    Effective with the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, the following requirements are being instituted at our Upper Moreland schools to enhance school security and student safety:

    At the Upper Moreland High School campus, visitors without official business are not permitted on school property during school hours. All visitors entering the property during school hours must sign in at the main office immediately.  This requirement extends to the track and athletic facilities which are exclusively used by students and staff during school hours. 

    At the Upper Moreland K-8 campus, visitors are welcome to use the road and sidewalks for recreational activities during the school day.   They may not access the fields or athletic facilities, including the tennis courts and track.   Other than the roads and sidewalks, visitors without official business are not permitted on K-8 property during school hours.  All visitors with official business must sign in at the main office immediately.

    Incidents of trespassing will be reported to the Upper Moreland Police Department. 

    Outside of school hours, public use of our grass fields, MS and HS track, and tennis courts are permissible by individual unless the space has been scheduled for community group or private group use.  Community or private groups interested in scheduling the use of outdoor facilities should contact Dawn Hurt at 215-830-1501.