• Upper Moreland High School Group Support Opportunities

    Aldersgate Youth Services

    Groups are provided with Aldersgate Youth Services Bureau in partnership with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Student Assistance Program (SAP). With parent permission, students may participate in groups held at the Upper Moreland High School with our Aldersgate School Based Counselor.


    Life Skills: Focuses on making decisions, managing emotions, understanding media, and social media influences, improving family communication, developing healthy relationships, creating and evaluating a healthy lifestyle. 

    Anger Management: Learning healthy coping skills and how to handle tense situations in a positive way.

    Girls Circle: Support group for girls with a curriculum designed to empower a positive self-image

    Safe Dates: Focuses on supporting positive peer relationship between students, defining what a caring relationship is, helping peers, overcoming gender stereotypes, creating an equal power through communication and how to deal with emotions and preventing sexual assault.

    Other groups are available based on students needs. If you are interested in your child participating in a group, please submit the following parent permission form and contact your school counselor.

    Download Parent Permission Form