The Director of Facilities must approve the use of the stadium facilities. The Stadium turf field #1 and track must be rented as a single unit.


    1. Equipment belonging to the school may not be used without the approval of the Director of Facilities.
    2. Additional equipment needed by the organization cannot be installed without the approval of the Superintendent or his or her designee.
    3. Equipment that may damage the facility in any way will not be permitted.
    4. All equipment belonging to the organization must be removed no later than the day following the use of the facility. Equipment will not be set up or removed at any time that would interfere with the educational program of the school.

    Use of Gym and Stadium

    1. Class II Groups may be eligible for two (2) hours of Auxiliary Gym use when scheduling permits and applicable Participant Fees have been paid. Requests should be made to the Facilities & Events Coordinator for available dates and times.
    2. Gym shoes must be worn on all gym floors with the exception of dances.
    3. All use of the Concession Stand must first be submitted to the Facilities & Events Coordinator for availability (Please read Concession Stand Guidelines. Fees, terms and conditions apply.
    4. Score Board and Press Box are to be run by School District personnel with personnel costs charged to the organization.
    5. See Fee Schedule for Rates

    Use of Stadium Track - Rules

    1. Absolutely no motor vehicles, bikes, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, etc. are allowed on the track.
    2. Footwear will be appropriate running shoes with approved spiked footwear.
    3. All equipment items for the band and athletic teams will cross the track at a designated area on to the field. No vehicle will run on the track for any reason. The crossover area will be designated by signage.

    Track Protection

    Inside lanes will be blocked when the track is used for recreational needs.  It is the responsibility of the facilities department to ensure the proper set up after every event.  Cost associated with setting up track protection is the responsibility of the renting organization.