• Concession Stand Guidelines

    All Class I, II & III groups must submit an Application for Use of Concession Stand by Class I, II& III Groups in order to use the Concession Stand.

    Applications should be submitted to Nora Rosenbaum (nrosenbaum@umtsd.org) in the Facilities Department. Approval of requested dates will be provided by the Facilities Manager. If required, the Food Services Director will arrange for a certified food service staff member to be on site, and determine any fees for use. A confirmation letter, and if payment is required an invoice will be sent to the identified responsible party listed on the Application form.

    Staffing and Fees would be as follows:

    Full Use Option: The cost of a certified food service staff member, billed at the current hourly rate ($42.00
    per hour) and a minimum of one-hour fee for custodial support will be billed to the group.
    Examples of full use include: use of the fryer, grill, coffee-maker, refrigerator, freezer and any electrical outlets, etc. A food service staff member must be present for the entire time the concession stand is in operation to supervise those operating the equipment. See clean up requirements below; failure to properly clean the equipment and remove all food items may result in additional penalty fees.

    Partial Use Option: A clean up charge of one-hour (minimum) custodial support fee will be assessed.
    This option expands on the items in the No Use/No charge category (below) but does not allow for
    use of any electric or kitchen equipment. For example: expanded use at this rate permits the sale
    of soft pretzels, boxed pizza and pre-made coffee purchases from an outside vendor. See clean up
    requirements below; failure to properly clean the concession stand and remove all food items may
    result in additional penalty fees. 

    Minimal Use/No Charge Option: The cleanup fee is waived for this option. This option requires
    there be no use of equipment or electrical outlets. Items for sale must be pre-packaged in their
    entirety. An example of food and beverages permitted would be as follows: Individual bottled
    water, Gatorade, canned soda, wrapped candy bars, sealed bags of chips, and sealed bags of nuts,
    gum, pre-packaged food items such as individually-wrapped commercial packages of pastries or other
    items. See clean up requirements below; failure to properly clean the concession stand and remove
    all food items may result in additional penalty fees.

    Clean Up Requirements:

    • All counters and equipment need to be cleaned and sanitized after use.
      a. Counters top and bottom sections, need to be washed with warm soapy water and sanitized
    • All refrigeration, freezer and storage areas used need to be wiped down after use; especially door handles. No food or beverages may be left in the refrigerator or freezer.
    • Grill: Grease compartments from grill need to be emptied and cleaned thoroughly as well as the grill slats, flat top unit themselves, hot dog roller unit, coffee station emptied turned off and cleaned.
    • Fryer: bring your own oil, empty used oil and remove from site. Do not place used oil in trash receptacle. Clean the fryer as instructed.
    • Place all trash in proper receptacles provided.

    Annually, the Food Service Director will coordinate training for groups to be trained in the use of
    the equipment to support the food service staff member who is present. The Food Service Director
    will begin training in September and coordinate outreach to groups through the Facilities Manager or
    as mutually agreeable.

    Please sign and return this form with the Application for Use of Concession Stand: PRINT the FORM HERE