• Rules and Regulations for Use of School Facilities


    Requests for Use of Facilities and Field Use will be through our online School Dudes program. 
    Applications for use will be accepted on the following schedule:

    Winter – Online registration opens on November 1st for use Nov. 23rd  – Feb. 18th

    Spring – Online registration opens on January 5th  for use February 19th  – June 11th

    Summer – Online registration opens on May 1st for use June 12th – August 5th

    Fall – Online registration opens on August 1st for use August 6 – November 22nd


    The permit holder agrees to save and hold harmless Upper Moreland Township School District and agrees to assume responsibility for all liabilities arising incident to school facility use.

    State and local occupancy limits shall be enforced and shall not exceed fire code capacity.  Should it be necessary to secure a monitor to oversee capacity, the cost will be incurred by the lessee.

    Any right or privilege granted to an organization shall not be transferred to any other organization or individual.

    UMTSD and its employees shall not be responsible for damage to or loss of property upon school premises sustained by applicant, participant in a program, or patron of any program held on school property.

    All programs shall be in strict accordance with the building rules and Board policy of UMTSD, and not in violation of the laws of Pennsylvania or of the United States. The Superintendent or his/her designee shall be in full authority.


    All facility use requests are subject to cancellation with or without due notice for emergency situations, building/mechanical repair work or for violation of the terms of the Rules and Regulations for Use of School Facilities as determined by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

    Smoking, gambling, and use of intoxicants within the premises of the building are strictly prohibited.

    Raffles, small games of chance and Bingo may be approved with the proper small games of chance and/or bingo permits.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure the proper permits and pay all required fees.

    No furniture or equipment shall be used or moved without express approval or consent of the Superintendent or his/her designee.

    No signs, displays, or materials may be attached to or nailed against the wall, window glass, woodwork, draperies, blinds, curtains, grounds, drives, etc., without expressed approval or consent of the Superintendent or his/her designee. See “Procedures for Posting Signs for Advertising” on the school district website.

    When event is over, dismantle and remove everything from the premises and leave the facility in a presentable condition.  Any damage sustained during the event should be immediately reported to the custodian on duty or other district representative.

    The use of drones by individuals or groups using school district facilities is prohibited.


    The use of certain school equipment is permitted only through special requests and approval and when operated by a school employee or other persons authorized by UMTSD or its representatives.

    Media and computer equipment may not be used by the lessee unless expressly permitted by prior approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee. If granted, there must be a UMTSD technology and/or media staff member on-site for the entire time (There is an hourly fee for this service – see fee schedule).

    When use of the kitchen or food service has been requested, at least one UMTSD food service staff member is to be on duty. The size and nature of the event will determine the number of food service staff members required. The organization using the facilities will be billed for all costs incurred.  No food, drinks or snacks will be permitted to be stored on school district property by outside groups without prior approval of the Superintendent or designee.

    All requests for use of school facilities by Class II and Class III groups must stipulate that custodial or school employee services will be provided by UMTSD and must be paid by the lessee. Custodial services will be charged by the hour with a two (2) hour minimum. Lessee must pay the rental fee, two (2) hour minimum custodial, any charges for employees who operate equipment, and any other charges deemed necessary.

    The payment for rental of the facility, employees to operate equipment and custodial fees will be billed following Board review or approval and sent by mail along with a letter of confirmation.


    The use of the building will be strictly confined to areas and activities approved at the time of the request unless other arrangements have been made in advance and with proper approval. The applicant and his/her organization will be responsible for the compliance of these rules by all persons participating in or pertaining to the activity. In case of doubt, the school custodian or other representative of the school system on duty shall have immediate authority to stop the activity. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations will be sufficient reason to cancel future privileges.  Tournaments or competitive meets with outside parties require security on-site, whose costs will be assessed to the lessee.


    The person or group must provide a Certificate of Insurance listing the Upper Moreland Township School District as an additional insured. The amount of coverage must be a minimum limit of $1,000,000 combined single limit bodily injury/property damage.


    • Any time administration closes the school due to inclement weather or other emergencies, the buildings will be closed to all community groups and either a refund of rental fees or a mutually agreeable reschedule date will be approved.

    • When an organization is approved for use of the facilities, a deposit of 50% is required to hold the date(s). If a deposit has been received but the full balance has not yet been paid, and the organization cancels the event 30 days in advance, the deposit will not be refunded; however, the remaining balance will not be charged.  Full payment will be required when less than thirty (30) days’ notice is given.

    • Field Use Cancelations – When cancelations of more than one day of field use are received, and the reason for canceling is not due to weather, your deposit will be forfeited. Any remaining balance will be charged if you do not provide a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice.  Canceling a single date of use, not due to weather conditions, will forfeit any fees paid for that day.

    • Field Use Cancelations Due to Weather – Cancelations of one or more scheduled field use days due to inclement weather, with less than 24 hour notification, will forfeit any fees paid for those days and may not be able to be rescheduled. When canceling at least 24 hours in advance due to predicted inclement weather, a request to reschedule will be offered or considered if available, however, no refunds will be made.

    • If the District closes the field(s) due to inclement weather, or poor field conditions due to inclement weather, a request to reschedule will be offered or considered if available.

    Organized groups who use our facilities without prior approval will be subject to an
    assessment of those costs which would have accompanied the approved use and may forfeit
    future rental use privileges. Egregious violations may result in criminal prosecution.
    Please see Board Policy #714 Property/Trespassing.