High School Management Assistant - Mrs. Wendy McGrody

    Mrs. Wendy McGrody Wendy McGrody, M.S., is a Management Assistant at Upper Moreland High School. Mrs. McGrody has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Saint Joseph's University. She holds a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, also from Saint Joseph's University. She is a graduate of the Philadelphia Police Academy and has hundreds of hours of law enforcement training, with an emphasis on school safety and security.

    Mrs. McGrody spent 28 years in the Philadelphia Police Department. There, she spent over two decades assigned to schools in every Philadelphia neighborhood as a DARE and Gang Resistance instructor. She served as the overall program coordinator for these programs and was responsible for program coordination with school administrators and the assignment of officers to various public and private schools. Mrs. McGrody has instructed thousands of students and responded to and handled emergency situations and crisis events. Additionally, she served as a Police Instructor for students attending Recreation Department summer programs and also served as an instructor with the Philadelphia Fire Department Fire Safety Day Camp.

    Mrs. McGrody has received Active Shooter training and school and campus safety training at the local and national level. She has also advised school administrators and teachers on school safety security issues in schools throughout the region.

    Mrs. McGrody resides in Bucks County with her husband and three children